Waiting was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. I was up. I had gone to the gym for an early stress relieving workout, made and eaten breakfast before most of the other boys were up out of bed to start their days. Which had me waiting in the fishbowl alone wearing the same suit I was wearing the night before.

I played on my phone while I waited. I watched as the office workers trickled in. HQ was like any other business. They had first, second and third shifts. We were after all a 24 hour business. The bad guys didn’t stop because it got dark, hell some of them didn’t even get up until dark so we had a full staff 24/7. Dae’lin had a morning shift – she was ruling family so she never had to pull the night shift or the late shift.

Hunters got to make their own hours. They were usually work-a-holics and most of them slept when the job was done. That was going to be my life. I couldn’t sit at a desk. I couldn’t do nothing. I’d passed my tests. I’d been cleared for the breeding program. I just had to find a willing girl in the next five years to make babies with. That was probably going to be the most difficult assignment. Venatori girls didn’t exactly want the half human skinny kid. Not that I was still skinny. I spent more of my free time in the gym than most boys. I learned to bulk up but I had to work at it to stay that way. I wasn’t body builder built, but I wasn’t just a scrawny little kid anymore. I had plenty of human guys and girls who were happy with my body. Sage was only proof of that.

The memories made me smile and I played through the evening’s events with my friends while I fiddled with a game on my phone. People trickled in and sat down around me. They chatted with one another but everyone pretty much ignored me. Well not everyone I felt eyes staring at me from across the room. When I looked up I saw Nicholas Hampton staring at me. I gave him a wry grin and a nod and he blushed looking away.

He walked over to me with that Vidden’s walk and made the kid sitting next to me scurry away. His presence alone was good enough for that. He wasn’t a menacing kid. But he was ruling family and most of the kids wanted to be his father. Nick was going to go into the Archives. He was a book kid – great at research. He was probably going to go off to college become a doctor or something. I didn’t know.

He smiled at me. “So brothers?”

I smirked. “Yeah.”

Nick leaned over and whispered, “Probably a good thing we got caught then?”

“Yeah. And you might want to back up because despite that fact you are still good look and smell delicious.”

“So it’s not just me then?” He leaned back and smiled. “I thought the attraction would go away when I saw you, knowing we shared the same blood.”

I laughed. “It doesn’t work that way.”

“You are going off on your first hunt. I’m gonna go to college see what that’s all about. Going to Columbia. I’ll be around so when you get back maybe you can go out with me, and we can troll for guys?”

I snorted. “You want to go with me to pick up guys?”

He shrugged. “Isn’t that what brothers do?”

I shook my head. “Not to my knowledge. But we can go when I get back. Though the only places I know are going to be human joints.”

Nick nodded. “That’s alright, guys here aren’t really into the guy thing here. At lease few admit it.”

I nodded. “So in a year we’ll go celebrate our first year of freedom together.”

Nick offered me his hand and I took it. He said, “Deal.” Then got up and slipped back to the other side where his friends were. He was right about one thing though, that attraction we’d shared hadn’t gone away. I was hot for my half brother – that was so wrong.