I would have complained if Henry hadn’t had me going again in a few minutes. Another round later I was pulling myself away from a sleepy Henry. “I have to go. Michaela won’t be happy I’m late.”

Henry grinned at me through hooded eyes, “Can’t you stay a little longer. I’m sure I can make it worth your while.”

I turned back to the boy lying on in his bed. “Oh lover, you can make it worth my while, but I can’t piss her off she can make my life hell.”

Henry pouted. “And I was just getting started.” He stretched out enhancing his gorgeous body.

I chuckled. “And here I thought I was playing you.”

Henry frowned. “Really?”

I shook my head. “No Henry. I’m not playing you. But I was completely honest with you I don’t do relationships. I fuck and leave.”

Henry sighed. “I know. We still good for next year?”

I nodded as I pulled my boxers on. “Yeah. We are. I will call when I get back. And if you ain’t got a boy or girl of your own we’ll go out.”

Henry pulled himself out of the tangle of sheets and walked over to me naked and looking even finer than he had lying down. “You should go lay back down.”

Henry laughed. “Why?”

“Because you are too tasty.”

He pushed himself up against me and grinned. “I want you to stay.”

I sighed. “I would love to but really I need to start driving.”

Henry pressed a kiss to my neck and wrapped his hand around my waist slipping his fingers under my shirt. I groaned and pressed against him. “Man, Henry, I gotta go. How about I call you when I get there and we can talk about what you’d like to be doing to me?”

Henry laughed. “I need to go to bed I have to get up early.”

“Maybe another time then. But Henry I’m sure you can find a guy who will take care of you better than me.”

I kissed him hard then hugged him. “You are a fine guy.” I kissed his cheek, “But I got to go.”

Henry sighed. “Alright, Nox. But you will call me?”

“I will, I promise. And I never promise things like that.” I grinned at him, “I like you but I can’t be that kinda guy.”

Henry smiled. “I know. I deserve better.”

“Glad you know that.”

I grabbed my bag and took a long look at the naked man standing there watching me. “You are fine, Henry.” I said and I stepped closer and pressed a kiss to his lips licked mine when I pulled away. I had to force myself to turn around and head out the door. I gave him one last look before I opened the door. I gave him a wave and left his room without looking back again.