About AJ Hunter

AJ is my creator. Due to a few gender related issues with myself AJ prefers to remain anonymous in general – letting you guess about AJ’s identity. It’s difficult to speak without overusing AJ all the time, but we manage. I don’t do a lot of talking about AJ anyway – this is about me after all. I’m the important one here. * sticks tongue out at AJ *

AJ has two lovely daughters, both into the double digits now. One has ADHD and the other is a little miss smarty pants – the best of both worlds. A trying thing at present. They both enjoy karate and participate twice weekly.

During the day AJ writes code for a local rent to own company in Coastal Mississippi. AJ likes to write – obviously. Also read, playing video games – specifically rpg type games. AJ’s current favorite franchise is Dragon Age, though Assassin’s Creed is becoming a popular game.

AJ’s spouse is sarcastic and and the biggest child of the bunch. They met at an online community for The Wheel of Time. Dragonmount was part of their lives for many years – even traveling to Atlanta, GA for the first ever Wheel of Time Track at Dragon*Con. They missed meeting Robert Jordan himself because of Hurricane Katrina. They have been happily married since 2001 and see a long life together.

Much of AJ’s inspiration comes from the Wheel of Time. But since most of it stems from the supernatural authors like Laurell K Hamilton, Patricia Briggs and most recently Jim Butcher have inspired AJ’s stories. Not to mention TV shows like Supernatural and Shadowhunters.

3 thoughts on “About AJ Hunter

  1. Hmmmm… AJ writing about tiny boobs… yeah don’t think that will happen but I’ll get you something Duckling might take a few days, we are running on empty right now.


    1. I will refrain from calling you duckling, though duckling works for every female I’ve ever met and some men if they are lucky enough I call them by a nickname, but that’s rare…


      1. I will be honest it can be a deragotory term but not “ugly duckling” related…. ducklings in their truest form are small, cute, cuddly and need to be protected… That’s why I started calling people that. And the ugly duckling is a beautiful swan and should be cherished as such, but that’s my male perspective. Apologize for offending you though.


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