About The Mind of Nox

This is all about me – my thoughts, my dreams, my ramblings. I do on occasion speak about AJ’s work or how things happen.

While this pretty much revolves around my existance in association with the Clandestine Providence. I do have persona’s elswhere.

You can find my original creation at The First Age. My back story is a lot different than here. AJ has also written two fan fictions I participated in from the First Age. Fighting Demons is an Aria-centric fic where we go to the States and I show her my stomping grounds. The Elements started as an Aria-centric fic but as AJ wrote it she fell deeper in love with me and the story moved in that direction. This was about the same time AJ created my world – I was center stage right where I wanted to be.

AJ is currently writing another First Age fanfic called The Ultimate Reality which is all about my persona at First Age. I get to encounter a woman, confuse myself to hell and back, and ultimately find the person I need to survive the world as we known in 2046.

As a side note, the three stories shared here have absolutely NO bearing on my First Age character development. They are in the Wheel of Time world – portal stone events. In our reality they would be an alternate universe created by a decision I made or didn’t make. Either way they aren’t really part of my history. Just AJ writing – much like my cross over fic that was almost finished here – A Different New York City. AJ will finish it. It’s just hard when the character story isn’t mine past anymore… go figure!

I have my own special brand of crazy and it lurks in the forefront of my mind. I live my life as a programmer – loving my job. Writing as a hobby to express my creativity – to live outside my own mind. A thing I’ve done since childhood; except now playing with toys is not exactly “adult”, so I write.

Nox Sétanta lives and breathes in my mind. I think through him when my mind wanders. He is one of many characters who’ve taken up residence in the far reaches of my imagination. This is his story – his words – how he sees the world.

I’m not here to show you his world, or even tell his story. I’m letting his personality reign free here where he can vent unbridled, where he can roam in my mind and details the silly things he sees as I fill his story in. It probably won’t make any sense day to day. I rarely do anyway, but this is the mind of Nox Sétanta – a half human, half Venatori Magnus with the ability to bend all four elements at the same time. These are his thoughts, his trials and his words. Maybe you’ll enjoy him as much as I do.

~AJ Hunter

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