About Nox Sétanta

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. I am always a work in progress, but at current I was born in ’92 in Boulder, Colorado but grew up in New York City where I work as a “monster” hunter. I am Magnus – specifically a Cesari – which means I can wield all four elements at the same time. My mother was human and my father is Venatori – my birth is only one of the things that makes me improbable – something I like to talk a lot about.


Nox is 6’0″ weighing approximately 145 lbs with a hard to maintain thin athletic build. He has chestnut brown hair with chocolate brown eyes framed with a thick set of eye lashes any woman would die for. He tends to have a few days growth beard mustache carefully managed. Nox almost always has a playful grin plastered on his lips, like everything’s a joke to him.

Nox tends to wear eye liner and dyes the tips of his hair in bright colors with matching finger-nail polish. His favorite colors being sapphire blue, crimson red and orange. He has been known to wear flavored lip gloss.

He likes to wear t-shirts with obnoxious sayings, he thinks they are funny and doesn’t care if you are offended by them. He always wears a hoodie (pull over or zip up). Nox’s hands with his long slender fingers are the most defined feature he possess other than his eyes and smile.

Nox’s body is host to a few scars he’s more than willing to tell you a false tale about how he got them. (A vampire bite on his right forearm. Claw marks on his left rib cage from a were-bear, a slash across his left cheek from the dagger of a ghost possessed human, burn on his right leg from knee to ankle from a dragon’s flame) And one set he doesn’t want to talk about and usually covers up at all times: a series of slash marks across his back from early childhood abuse. He tends to hide these scares underneath clothing or a personal veil he learned from his abuser.

Nox has a tattoo of the four elements in a colored tribal pattern at the back of his neck just below the base of his skull. The fire symbol is the largest set off to the right side in orange red and yellow flames. On the left at the top is water in varying shades of blue, below that is wind in shades of gray, and finally below that in shades of green is earth all outlined with a thin black line to enhance the color and contrast. During his Ad Aetatem Nox received his tribal tattoo – a pair of crossed swords at his right temple.


Nox’s mother, Leanne Sétanta, was a human Venatori hunter, her parents were killed by a rogue werewolf when she was a baby. The Venatori who found her crying and starving in their cabin in the Colorado woods took her in and raised her as one of her own and taught her the way of the Venatori.

Kai Viddens has been part of the Venatori his entire adult life. He has had no wives but many female companions. He has 6 children, 5 of which he raised and are Venatori. Kai found out about Nox when Nox was 18 at his Ad Aetatem. He met Leanna when he was passing through Colorado in 1993 chasing a rogue vampire. Kai was unaware she was human and later became with child. Leanna was one of the rare women to survive the birth of Minorem.

At the age of 5 Nox started showing signs of being a Magnus like his father by starting a random fire. His mother hurriedly dumped Nox on the Venatori for training. He was picked up at the airport by Dorian Vega. At the time of his admittance Nox was designated NNI5 and started his official training early. Garrett Spencer was assigned to be his fire-starter instructor.

Upon arrival at the Apex Unlimited Building in New York City, Nox was tested in all elements. He was found to be capable of bending all 4 elements – he was designated NNIAeTA5.

At the age of 6 upon final assessment as a fire-starter Nox created a fire that caught on Garrett’s pants and worsened before Nox put it out. This incident was deemed an accident and Nox was held in observation with Dr. Margo Silverman for 3 months and assigned a new mentor, Dae’lin Rivera.

The next 4 years Nox spent his time learning each element bending them individually – fire, air, earth and then water. Dae’lin was routinely frustrated with him.

Nox quickly becoming an outsider in The Academy. Nox is continually picked on by Aaron Woolbright (and his friends) another fire-starter like himself. Nox is placed in a room with Aaron, Jason Hill and Ross Cortes. The four boys continue to have issues until ‘graduation’.

(8 years old) Nox at the suggestion of Margo starts trying to conquer his fear of heights/falling. Nox starts testing various heights and jumping. Jason joins him and soon they are vaulting from rooftops.

Risk taking was one of the few things that kept Nox going as an outsider, he started doing things that were considered dangerous. His favorite past time was “sky jumping” – vaulting himself from the heights of the buildings with in New York City with only his magic to catch him at the last moment. (This was an effort to defeat his fear of heights/flying) By the time his Ad Aetatem came he had a cult following of younger magus strong in air trying to preform the same feats. Luckily there had been no deaths prior to his graduation. Afterwards, the practice was forbidden, without Nox’s inborn ability to look out for those following him, several boys plummeted to their deaths two months after he left New York City.

(10 years old) During his 5th year at The Academy Nox created a sculpture utilizing all four elements at the same time as an art project for his creativity lessons. This feat named him Cesari. The statue sits in the lobby of the Apex Unlimited Building. He was designated NNC5.

Later that year, per the usual testing requirements, Skill mastery is tested. Nox passed into Adept surpassing most his age. He was designated ANC5. (Dorian preforms the test)

(10 years old) He started seeking human companions outside the facility by sneaking out with his best friend Jason. Together they gathered the reputation of not following the rules.

At the age of 13 Nox had his first crush – on another boy. While Nox was watching his crush he was discovered by a girl a few years older, Madison Pratt. She was Nox’s first. Nox explores his sexuality almost entirely out of the compound with the occasional dalliance with fellow members of The Academy.

At sixteen while trying to fit in Nox found himself with a bunch of guys (his roommates included) getting drunk, daring one another to do stupid things. They dared Nox to get a tattoo. Being drunk was the only thing that allowed him to surpass his fear of needles.

(18 years old) The day before his Ad Aetatem Nox met his father Kai at a dinner with both of his estranged parents. It was as unceremonious as it sounds. They had dinner and Kai shook Nox’s hand before he went back to his hotel to sleep. Nox’s mother was disappointed in the reaction.

Per the Ad Aetatem requirements Nox was tested again. He surpassed his Expert level testing and on a whim his tester tested Mastery level as well. He passed both with flying colors. He was designated MNC5 – second highest in all of the Venatori. He was also tested for specific genetic markers that would allow his Minorem status (half human/half Venatori) the ability to procreate with other Venatori – he was not sterilized but would likely not have been based on his ability as a Cesar Magnus.

Nox saw his father again at the first part of his Ad Aetatem which was the grossest ritual he’d ever seen. Poor rabbit killed for the express purpose of it’s intestines wrapped around their wrists only to be severed and the ichor to fall upon the fire beneath it.

The second part was more kind, but less symbolic. The drug they pumped into his veins caused hallucinations. Nox saw things he wished he hadn’t seen. He saw the death of his human mother. Saw vague images two man and a woman that would come to mean something to him. The last part of the vision was a kaleidoscope of monsters, small flashes of things with no real meaning to them as Nox understood them..

The third part was the hardest part for Nox. The crossed swords at his right temples were tattooed quickly and quietly but Nox’s entire body was tense, his breathing was ragged and sweat covered his body by time the two small swords were finished.

Mark Green attempted to send Nox away when he first left, but after he was released from his First Hunt Nox returned to New York City where he lives in the Apex Unlimited Building and hunts alone in the streets of his home.

You can learn more about me and my world at AJ’s World Building Site The Clandestine Providence.

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