Adrift?  Really?  You couldn't space these out even a little?  I'm adrift on this writing prompt... Haiku maybe? I'm floating adrift Upon the rough high waters Seeking my solace AJ was venting to Rae and mentioned I was trying a haiku and as AJ's typing a minute later wham! Haiku shows up: Adrift, I float [...]

In It’s Best Form

I've been writing here consistently for moving into 5 months now. I had a good run last year until May/June and then I stopped, AJ moved my stuff to an all consuming blog of all her writing and I think I must have gotten pissed cause I kinda just stopped writing. AJ took a renewed [...]

The Son of Il Cane

Il Cane is notorious among all the races. She is one scary vampire. And I know I've given you a run down on her. But her son is just as notorious, especially in New York City where he is Prince of the City. There are three types of vampires. Primeval - those born vampires and [...]

The Den – Meeting The Wicked Truth

We followed Ant outside and into the back of the building. My stomach churned at the knowledge of how Ant intended us to get to where we were going. He offered me his hand which I took without question. He grabbed Walker by the elbow and he literally stepped into the shadows of the buildings [...]


One of the synonyms of farce is burlesque. In NYC you can find all sorts of kinky places to go. If you like humor and sex The Slipper Room should be a place you stop. I will admit that AJ's never been, but I could potentially mention going to a place similar, but the videos [...]

Standing on the Precipice

I'm standing on the precipice of a decision. There are two choices. One right. One wrong. One good. One evil. The bad choice takes revenge upon things that tormented me my whole life. The good hurts worse. There is nothing stopping me from just letting the bad thing happen. Nothing keeping me from turning my [...]

Today’s prompt?

Today's prompt is giving me qualms. I have doubts, but I know I've gone on and on about them. I don't really have much to say that's new on them. So with doubts in my mind I'll give you a short that helps clean up Darwynn's Law. It's doubtful whether or not I should have [...]