I enjoy spending time outside.  I usually see the sunrise.  I see the sunset too.  I like sharing them.  I bet everyone knows with who.  I don’t think Alex much likes sunrises though.  Sunsets yes.  This is a new editor.  Not sure I like it.  But it’s nice and clean.   Anyway AJ’s not feeling well massive migraines for a while now, stress and anxiety – … Continue reading Sunrises

A Gift?

Those of you that know AJ well enough from my rambling know she’s a programmer too. Specifically a web developer. She made us all a gift – a new wiki. We’ll populated it with the current information on the old wiki and then I’ll transfer the link to this new one and she’ll trash the old one. This one is so much easier to update … Continue reading A Gift?

Fairy tales

The tooth fairy. Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. All sound familiar. For the venatori we don’t really believe in these things. But we do have our own fairy tales more like the that may or may not be true. Thinks like ascendants, aeternus, kitsune, Il cane. These are all things that are legends. Now knowing il cane personally most of these are there to some … Continue reading Fairy tales