Lost in Thought

I picked up Dee, Dev was at work. Sunday’s were usually his day off, but when someone’s sick he covers. This afternoon someone was sick. So I didn’t get to see my rockstar before taking his girl out on a date. I should say our girl, but he’s their girl. Dee and I get along. […]

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Coming Home

It’s been a long hunt. A long time away from home. Along time away from you. I was dead on my feet and it’s late. I am eager to see you but I don’t want to wake you. Our apartment smells like you. God I missed it. I linger in the wide open space between […]

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ee cummings

I’m not writing any at least not yet I don’t think we’ll see. But today’s prompt is leaf which made AJ think of an ee cummings poem l(a le af fa ll s) one l iness And it wasn’t the one AJ was looking for particularly so we googled it. We didn’t find it though. […]

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Before Date Night

Everyone had a good time. Even I did, but afterwards I was left with that empty feeling as we cleaned up. I loved my family. Hell, I never even thought I’d have this one day. I should be happy, but I wasn’t. Lost inside my own mind. The anxiety and the depression threatened to rip […]

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Good and bad

It’s been a mighty rough day. AJ has work. I have nothing but my thoughts. They have kinda been all over the place lately. In good and bad ways. Things are good. I’m struggling as a fictional character should. I’m just struggling too well I think. I adore my boys. Love the men and women […]

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Dee made it just in time to take out her pie from the oven with the last bit of cooking wrapping up, Iris and Dee pushed me out of my kitchen. “Go play with the boys.” Dee said as she pushed Dev out after me. Rosie had arrived as well as Carla and were helping […]

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Originally posted on The Mind of Nox :
I’ve never been much of a daydreamer.  I’m not much of a looking towards the future or wondering what my life would be like if X were to happen to me. Yes, I wanted out of my current situation.  I wasn’t happy.  I want change but the only…

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