Waking Up

The darkness was empty. At least at first, but then I started hearing sounds and I could move. I didn’t try to open my eyes. I heard Michaela off in the distance. I heard beeping. And other voices as I stirred. “He’s coming around.” “He’s lucky.” I heard a male voice sound off. “Mr. Sétanta, how are you feeling?” I tried to speak but found … Continue reading Waking Up

The Crime

We waited until another man walked in. “Nox, this is Captain Gerald. He’s going to show you this while I step out of the room and get you some coffee. How would you like it?” “Black please.” I said. “I’ll have two creams and a sugar.” Michaela added as Ricky left the room and then turned to the captain. “Plausible deniability?” “Ricky’s a good cop, … Continue reading The Crime