My problem

Today, is the first day of my ramblings. You will get to listen to me go on about things for the rest of this month and probably next month. And the one after that too. AJ again is still writing Darwynn’s Law, but we aren’t ready to share it yet. So we’ll see how it all goes in the long run. New house and all … Continue reading My problem

A Truth

Nox grabbed the groceries and was out the door before I could help him. I locked up and found him standing by the elevator waiting. He hadn’t even pushed the button. I asked, “Nox you okay?” He nodded. “Yeah.” “We really didn’t do anything.” I reassured him. He growled, “I know. I believe you. I don’t like that your friend knows me from my past. … Continue reading A Truth


AJ isn’t exactly ready to share Darwynn’s Law with anyone yet. Mostly because we haven’t really gotten into the story and it’s a story with several stories going on and AJ isn’t exactly sure how to tell the story for ya’ll yet. Do we want to see all sides chronologically as they’d happen. ie: One chapter of my PoV then one of Alex’s etc to … Continue reading Postpone/Stalling