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Echoes is an story of randomness and adventure for me and my friends. AJ uses this world and series to share me and my story with you our loyal readers and the lovely new folks who show up. We love you all — new and old!

Echoes takes place in a universe where your world exists in tandem of billions of other realities all overlaid on top of one another and separated by magic or science, whatever you want to call it. It’s real. We exist and these stories explore whatever we want. And these overlapping world sometimes cause Echoes of other realities to seep through. And when one manifests in my world — or becomes a danger in another one — that’s when we come in. (Us and other teams, but this is our story — my story!)

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You are a modern-day seemingly non-magical entity living your life in the year 2023. You are called u pon to save all the people in all the Shifts throughout time. Will you join us? Subscribe to the newsletter and help me in my adventure. What you help create will decide the fate of everything in the known universe and beyond.

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The Beginning

The Outer Rings (2/27/2023) The purple haze of the nearest Shift shone through the bedroom window as I lay propped up on my bed listening to the latest tale from the translucent man sitting in his translucent arm chair. The fiery glow of Nyx’s feather on my chest glowed a bright yellow-orange as the Phoenix listened and reverberated in […]
Phantom Edits (2/28/2023) I rubbed the water from my hair as I walked out of my bathroom glancing at the laptop open on my writing desk. It had been thirty minutes since I typed ‘The End — for now’ on the last page of my manuscript. I chewed on my bottom lip before I sat back down in […]
Explosion of Light (3/1/2023) The house rattled. The light faded and my vision was impaired as the once translucent girl rushed towards me claws and teeth gnashing. If it weren’t for Nyx chattering in my mind I wouldn’t have leapt from the bed in time to miss the grotesque fingers reaching for my leg. I jumped off the bed […]
Where the Fuck? (3/2/2023) The light vanished. “What the fuck?” I blinked away the last vestiges of spots to find Nox battling the girl who had been just an echo in the room before. I held my hand up and sighed with relief, the battle shone through with blurred opacity of my hand. It was strange being an echo […]
Too Late (3/3/2023) The day was new, but mother held to the old ways — sleep at day, awake at night. She was slumbering in her room. Ryan and I tip-toed around the small house watching. She’d not feed in three days — her last foray into the real world ended disastrously and neither of us wanted to […]
Death and Children (3/6/2023) It had been a long time since Cari went over the deep end. A very long time. One that I had never seen, and one I was there to prevent since the day I joined her as food and eyes. I was to be her life companion. But then she had Ant. He was our […]
The Nexus (3/7/2023) I left Alex in my apartment and I ran to the Nexus building. It was only a mile and I passed several other manifestations confused on the street, but they were not a danger — at least not yet. The moment I stepped through the metal and glass arch way that was the Nexus the […]
Where Did he go? (3/8/2023) The watch’s directions weren’t wrong. I found Nox. I found him fighting a vampire with two other men in the park. But it was his smile and the feel of his fingers against my cheek that pulled me back to the reality that I was in his world — for real. But we didn’t get […]
Totally Prehistoric (3/9/2023) The problem with being adrift meant that the only way home was through The Nexus. And since I didn’t know where the Nexus was in this Shift I couldn’t exactly head towards it even though that’s what I told Alex. I don’t know why he came after me. I’m not sure that I’m glad he […]
Trusting a Stray (3/10/2023) I growled at myself for following a Stray through a drift so we could bring him home. Except Ryan wasn’t anchored and now we were all fucking lost in a drift. Ryan put his hand on my shoulder and a wave of calm washed over me. Not only were we in the godforsaken sun but […]
Captive (3/13/2023) Ant was freaking out with the sun. He was getting weak — he hadn’t eaten. I sighed. “He needs water?” Alex asked. But it was Nox with a flaming bird behind him that said. “No. He needs something else.” He pulled his sleeve up and pulled Ant’s contraption from his face and looked up at […]
Prisoners (3/14/2023) Things only went from worse to even worser. That’s not a word and that’s the point. This wasn’t even conceivable. Fucking vampires? And he let him bite him? Wasn’t he afraid of turning? And then he has metal burned into his skin? I was way out of my depth here. This thing in front of […]
The Fire Inside (3/15/2023) “Do you have translators?” I asked Ryan and Ant. “Yeah.” “We should probably hide the tech and use the comm stubs so we don’t stand out as much.” Ryan nodded. He and Ant both started patting themselves down their pockets looking for their gear. I crooked my finger at his blue eyes. “Let’s see if […]
Children (3/16/2023) Watching them was worse than watching my mother and father. That was eye stabbing, now I wanted to claw my eyes out. Ryan turned and watched me with an all knowing grin on his lips. “What?” I asked. He shook his head. “Nothing. We can leave anytime.” Nox was making his way back to the […]
Trial (3/17/2023) More than an hour passed and they rested in semi silence. Ant and Alex both growled while Nox dosed softly in his corner, likely accustom to sleeping anywhere he could catch a wink. Ant was oddly active for the sun beaming down on the roof above. The utter darkness back home was unusual but also […]
The Chasm (3/20/2023) I managed to get in a breather. It helped. I felt a little better after having been bitten by vampire. And now we had a gapping whole in the ground. Ant growled. “They wouldn’t have sent us in if we couldn’t get across.” “Magic maybe?” I sat down close to the chasm’s edge but I […]
WTF, Man Eating Gelatin Mold (3/21/2023) He was just going to fucking step off the edge. Take it on faith. No fucking way! Thankfully Ryan had a better head on him and gave him a better idea. Now they all had walked the narrow path over the giant gapping chasm of complete darkness and were standing on the other side of […]
Silver Tube (3/22/2023) The thing. Or was it more the blob? Whatever it was was dead. We came away no worse for wear. The thing moved slowly enough that we could stay away from it. But it really seemed to like Alex there at the end. It was amusing seeing him covered in goop. Though Nox didn’t let […]
Batteries (3/23/2023) Ant growled after the phantom appeared. The fear passed over my body and I let it go with easy. But Ant and Nox looked terrified frozen in their places. I didn’t hesitate and pulled the calming aura around me and reached into the apparition and calmed it. Alex moved to pry the crystals and I […]

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