Watching them was worse than watching my mother and father. That was eye stabbing, now I wanted to claw my eyes out. Ryan turned and watched me with an all knowing grin on his lips. “What?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nothing. We can leave anytime.”

Nox was making his way back to the other side of the room and was sitting down with his eyes closed before he spoke. “I need to rest before I figure out what’s wrong with that kid and why this town is hell bent on worshiping the entity.”

“You what?” I growled. “We came all this way to get you and you want to stay here to do what? Save some fucking kid.”

He didn’t even have the curtesy to open his eyes to respond. “I didn’t ask you to come get me. I know how to get home from here. May take a long fucking ass time to find the Nexus but I can find it, or drift again and find some place else that I can get to it from. Doesn’t matter to me.”

“Aren’t you worried your family will get worried?” Alex asked softly from the door.

Nox shrugged. “They knew it could happen any time.”

“That doesn’t mean they won’t care.” Alex complained.

“He’s a fucking stray.” I growled. “No one cares if he gets lost. Can’t bind. Won’t bind. Doesn’t matter, no one cares.”

“He has parents.” Alex growled back.

“Who didn’t help him find an anchor. They didn’t care.”

Ryan interrupted. “He has an anchor. His anchor drifted and neither of them knew it. So when he did what he always does he expected to find his way home. Am I wrong?” Ryan looked at him but his eyes were still closed and his head pressed against the wall.

“I expected to come home. You’re theory is as good as any. Not sure how we exactly are bound since until this very moment we’ve never touched. He doesn’t even know what the fuck we are talking about.”

“I’m sitting fucking right here.” Alex growled and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Ryan sighed. “Everyone just needs to relax. Let’s give it an hour see what happens. Nox took a bite for you Ant, he at the very least deserves some rest for that sacrifice.”

“How the fuck aren’t you burning up in the sun?” Alex asked.

“That’s a myth. We are vulnerable to the sun, and the strong we are the longer we can stay in it. But it weakens us. I should be asleep in this world.”

“How are you part of the RHI if you can’t work everywhere?” Nox asked half asleep in his spot.

“How do you? You aren’t supposed to fucking drift. Rules.”

“They officially don’t want me to drift. But they’ve never stopped me from doing my job. They may throw me on the desk more than others, but it’s only making me better at the job.”

“How’s that?” I asked.

“Research. Knowing the things and places I’m working with. It’s all good. Can we just rest please?”

I grunted and Ryan sat down next to me. Alex stood by the door staring at us. “We are really just going to sit by and wait?”

Nox pointed to the door. “There’s the door. Find a way out.” He didn’t sound much like he cared about the other man at that moment. No love or even empathy in his voice. I felt a tension growing and if they were bound — that wasn’t going to end well.

Anthony Giovanni is a Stealthy Vampire Warrior who Slays Monsters and Drifts from Purple Shift #45

Advancement: □ +4 Stat □ +1 Edge □ +1 Effort □ Skill
Anthony Giovanni Bat Icon
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Armor: 0

■ □ □ □
□ □
Might: (1)
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Speed: (1)
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■
Skills: (p): light, medium, and heavy weapons, (t): swords, speed defense when not wearing armor, stealth, illusions, bonsai trees, monster lore (s): lies, trickery, deception, (i): movement-related tasks
Cyphers: L5 Nullification Array, L6 Ranged Skill boost
Abilities: drain creature, drift, determine shift
Weapons: unarmed 2 – eased, long sword 4, blaster 4 long range
Equipment: Programmable jump suit, a long sword, blaster, wrist computer, energy pack (50 shots), first aid pen, moderate slot, inexpensive slot, inexpensive slot, inexpensive slot

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