Vision Quest

The next room my parents didn’t follow me through, they went off into another area and were done for the remainder of the time. It was their sacrifices that I was supposed to have set today, but they had made none for me, sort of giving me birth they were rather useless in my life. No I wasn’t bitter about any of it. I had a long time with Margo about it over the course of my life. It was something I was well aware of. I had Mommy issues and Daddy issues. This wasn’t a surprise to me.

Now I had to undergo my vision quest. Most kids didn’t see much. They saw glimpses of things that might be. Some said they saw it clearly. But most said that it was a kaleidoscope of colors. I wasn’t sure how the hallucinogen was going to affect me. Venatori medication messed me up and human drugs hardly worked. I was unique. And why my depression and anxiety weren’t treated with drugs on any level. They were either too weak or they would effect me adversely due to their strength.

Another person was dressed in the same getup as the first. He held a small cup of liquid in mitted hands waiting on me. I sighed and looked at the person beneath. I was sure I saw them laughing at me. I wasn’t looking forward to this.

I took the disposable cup from the placement on the hand. “Bottoms up.” I said just before the cup touched my bottom lip and I tipped the foul smelling liquid back. It tasted worse than it smelled. The the effect was immediate.

My body went slack. It was a feeling I hated – being high. I did it often enough to know I didn’t like it. But this was required. It was a vision quest. I should start seeing things soon. I sat down on the cold floor, the cool surface made my fingers feel tingly so I laid down. I didn’t care what anyone thought I wasn’t going to be the fool and collapse to the ground.

I stared up at the ceiling and saw constellations in the sky, yet the sun wasn’t down, I could feel it’s warmth on my skin. I sat up and looked around. I saw a shadowy figure walking away from me. The figure turned and smiled at me and ice blue eyes pierced my soul. I felt like I recognized them deep down inside. They made me happy, more than happy, my heart fluttered and soared with that smile.

But the figure turned away and I felt lost, alone, the sun dimmed a little with out the blue eyed gaze of the figure in shadows. I looked around and saw a tree, wrapped with a vine, with thorns and flowers of varying sorts. And then all of a sudden it burst into flames. I shot up from my seat and backed away. I backed into something and when I turned around to see what it was I stumbled and fell. And then the world spun and all the colors began to shift and stir and fade in and out. They made patterns I almost recognized and then they too were gone. Everything was gone as I stared at the ceiling and the man in his ritual garb was helping me up from my prone position. He nodded for me to go through the next door and I stumbled past the threshold into a room that was too bright.