Going Home

I had an early morning so as much as I wanted to continue playing naked orgies with my friends I had to go. Jace was watching me as I pulled my boxers on. “I’ve never known you to leave us early. It’s the one time we can count on you to spend the night.”

“I have a test first thing in the morning. I can’t be late.” I said. Sage and Mia knew what I was. What I was going to do, but Jace he was clueless to the whole supernatural world. He didn’t know one of his girlfriends best friends could do magic and the other was a hacker who can manipulate people and machines at whim. Or that he was currently in a house full of werewolves.

His eyes never left my body. There was always an unspoken attraction. He’d have liked more, but I wasn’t about to give more to one of my best friends boyfriends. I didn’t have sex with him often but when I did he was the same sort of guy that I liked when I felt like shit. He was rough. He’d pound into me with little care of what I wanted. Thankfully what he did and what I wanted agreed, though he didn’t know that. He just did. Mia said he was a gentle bear. All I ever got was bear, but that was all right with me.

Mia was in the bathroom and I knocked on the door to clean up. Sage had been ready to go with more fun in only a few moments… I was his guinea pig. I could touch him. Mia and Jace could not. He freaked out when anyone touched him. He’d once controlled his parents. It had lead to their car accident and he refused to touch anyone ever again. He and his brother had been separated because Sage was too much and his brother Adam well was a good kid.

Sage took it hard. His family loved him here. But he had a hard time letting anyone touch him. He touched others even more rarely. I was probably the only person he touched regularly. And mostly because we’d done the whole shield talk thing about what I was. What I could do and that he couldn’t control me. The fact he was touching a girl was amazing. And the fact he wanted to have sex with her was even more so. But I couldn’t help anymore.

I gave Mia a hug as she pouted at me. “You gotta go?”

I shrugged. “Dae’lin and Dorian will kill me if ‘I’m late to my Ad Aetetum.”

She sighed. “Good luck!”

“Nothing really to do with luck. I just need to endure.” I said.

She laughed. “I have no idea what you have to do. so good luck enduring.”

I gave her a peak on the cheek and she smiled at me as I left her to her own clean up. I walked back into Sage’s room and leaned down over him lying naked in bed half dazed and half asleep. He looked up at me with those big blue eyes. “I’ll miss you when you are gone.”

I smiled down at him. “I’ll miss you too.” I pressed a kiss to his forehead. “You treat her right.”

He nodded. “I will.”

And with those parting words I headed out of the side door into the cool darkness. My day had ended far better than it had started and I was going to move on with my life in the next few hours. After my Ad Aetatem I was going on my first Hunt. My first kill. My first supervised mission. I was excited and anxious and a little depressed at the notion. I knew sometime I was going to crash and crash hard.