I drifted off with my music and found myself in my dreams. It started off strangely like it always did when I managed a good day nap.

I was five. I played with the wooden blocks at my feet. I could hear the whispers of “monster’ all around me. I tried to push them away, but even the letters on the blocks as I stacked t”em higher in towers like the city I was just leaving whispered the word at me, “monster.” The blocks spelled it out, no matter what way I put them higher and higher they all spelled out M-O-N-S-T-E-R.

Over and over the word whispered in my ear. I kicked the first tower. It fell with a crash knocking another tower down. I stomped on the blocks. It whispered monster as I crushed the blocks with my feet. But they weren’t my feet anymore – the were green and covered in fur with red toes. They looked silly. I wanted to laugh but my voice came out a growl and I stopped and kicked more blocks as they tumbled to the ground. I was a monster!

A man stood watching me. I caught him out of the corner of my eye. Something nagged at me about him. I didn’t know what. The thought was lost on the winds of the dream as he spoke. “I thought we agreed you were a teenager – almost 18.”

The thought sped past and I knew we’d agreed. And in that moment I was older. I smiled at him. “Better?”

The man chuckled. “Are you still Vox Nihili? Or can I call you something else?”

I grinned. “What do you want to call me?” I liked flirting with him. Which meant that I had seen him in my dreams before. But the thought drifted away too.

I wasn’t sure but the way he looked at me he liked flirting with me too. He asked, “So is this how you always look? It’s different than usual.”

A mirror formed on the far wall and I glanced at my reflection. I shrugged with a playful grin. “Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I felt like a change?”

He smirked. “I like it either way.” The very thought that he liked the way I look made my body tighten and every nerve in my body ignited.

I ran my fingers through my hair to redirect attention. In the reflection I saw the tips change from the orange to the blue of his eyes. The color wiggled a memory but it fled when he stood behind me. “That’s a neat trick.”

I shrugged. “Just a dream right?”

He nodded. “Just a dream.” He stepped closer and I could feel his breath on my neck. “You are here longer than usual.”

“It’s the middle of the day.” I reminded him.

The intercom blared in the terminal and my eyes popped open. “Fuck!”