And In the Darkness

I’d over done it. He was staring at me like I’d said something like marry me. I opened my mouth but I didn’t get a chance to say anything as he pressed his lips to mine. The room went dark – pitch black. There wasn’t even a sliver of light or a twinkle of a star. The darkness almost made me panic until I felt his hands on my hip. “Change with no clothes on. You think you can manage that?”

I nodded. Still completely unable to breathe with the panic welling up inside me. The darkness never grew darker. It didn’t come with red eyes. The only thing was the man holding me. Kissing me while I remembered my own self. My body. What it felt like, how his would feel like against mine. There was no room for panic in the moment I felt his naked leg push between mine. I wanted to know his body. I whispered, “Bed.”

There was a soft sound as I found my legs pinned against the side of a bed. The cold metal bar of the frame underneath pressing into my calves. I smiled against his lips and put my hands on his hips and in one quick movement – faster than I’d moved in my life he was on his back and I was on top of him. His tight body was beneath mine and I kissed him hard and fast, my elbows placed just above his shoulders and my body weight resting on his while he pulled my hips against his. Being the same height had its advantages.

The only thing I missed about this complete darkness was his eyes. His perfect icey blue eyes that I loved to see. I knew he was a reflection of my dreams – my Ad Aetatem. But still this was beyond more than I’d hoped for.

I moved my mouth from his lips down his chin along his jawline. I tongued his earlobe into my mouth and suckled on it exerting a low moan from his lips. Music to my ears. I wanted to see what other sounds I could make come from his mouth. I sucked on his neck, leaving bite marks as I moved down past his collar bone.

My fingers tracing every contour of his body. I wanted to know his body inside out. It was perfect. And in the darkness everything was perfect.

I rolled my tongue around his nipple and the low groan made my cock flex. The tight nubs grew harder and I moved to the other.

I left no part of his body unexplored with my fingers, or my mouth. My tongue darted into his belly button and his hips jerked up and pressed his cock into the base of my neck. His cock was feverish. I knew mine was. I wanted to taste him, but that would come later. I licked the v running from his sides to his groin and every where but where he wanted me to suck. I’d get there eventually. But I wanted to know everything about this body. Every pressure point. Every ticklish spot. And in the dream world I had all the time in the world. Time was irrelevant.

I sucked on each toe and he tried not to squirm but I was rewarded with low groans. I moved up and kissed the tip of his cock and ran my tongue around the top. I could taste the pre-cum leaking from the tip and groaned as I took him in my mouth as deep as I could go. I wanted to suck him hard, bring him to orgasm. But I had half a body left to explore and if he came now I might not get that chance.

“On your stomach.” I commanded. “Please.” I added gently. I wasn’t bossy by nature but I wanted what I wanted and he complied with me with a soft chuckle.

With each caress of my tongue along the muscles of his back and buttocks he rutted against the linens on the bed. He wanted more friction, he wanted to come. Wanted to reach his climax and I was more than willing to give him what he wanted when I was done with his body. I was memorizing the feel of his body in my fingers. The patterns that were made. I didn’t have to see them to know them. He was perfect.

He groaned when I spread his ass cheeks and licked between them. I asked, “May I?”

He grunted and pushed his hips up against my mouth for his response and I let my tongue roam his rim and then slide my tongue inside. He was clenching around me and his body jerked away and panic flaired in my heart. What had I done wrong. My panic was only minamally eased with his words, “My turn.”

But I had little notice as he moved quickly in the darkness and I was on my back and my cock was in his mouth. “Holy fuck.” I said as he sucked on me until I was nearly ready to come before he slide further down the bed and my cock popped from his mouth with a wet sound making me groan from the lack of sensation and the fact that he knew exactly what I liked.