School is about to start for Laker and Rider. And Nick and Henry. They hit it off, and were still together two months in. Nick still hadn’t told Henry what he was. I’m not sure I could manage to hide it from my boyfriend for long. Stamina was one thing, but the strength, something else. But they were working so that was great. I was … Continue reading Therapy

Vampire Den

The pull of the power outside had me walking down the street away from the party. Alone and in the dark. I felt like I was finally free – I didn’t have to put on airs that I was some happy-go-lucky guy with an open heart. I could be the empty shell I felt like. I’m sure Margo would have a lot to say about … Continue reading Vampire Den

Going Out

When everyone else was leaving i caught up with Nick. “Hey. You still want to go out and hook up with guys.” Nick grinned, “Wing men?” I shrugged. “Maybe. I met a guy on the plane flying out to Colorado. I told him when I was home again I’d call him see if he wanted to hook up. He was fledgling.” “You had sex with … Continue reading Going Out


I sat there for a long time. Probably too long with family and friends out in the dining room waiting on me. Long enough that there was a knock on the door and I looked up and saw a pair of blue eyes staring back at me and I lost it. Sage was kneeling in front of me. His hands on my knees, “Jesus, Nox … Continue reading Engagement

Crash and Burn

I was going frantic again the next morning when there was knocking – no pounding on my door. Everyone wanted to know what I did. So I spend more and more time explaining. Neglecting myself. Missing every alarm on my phone. And the more and more that I missed the worse things got. I hadn’t had breakfast. No lunch and by dinner time Dorian dragged … Continue reading Crash and Burn