Into the Woods

Both Michaela and my mother were outside with their gear in a matter of moments. I was in the back seat waiting with my ear buds in listening to calming music. My mother drove the Jeep while sat next to her. That was the extent of my knowledge of what they did after that until Michaela tapped my knee and I looked up at her and pulled my ear buds out turning off my music. “We are almost there. We need to plan.”

“We are we going?” I asked.

Michaela told the story of the last attack and how we were going to the location. Figuring we could track the bear to its den. It had to be with in walking distance.

I asked. “I thought we were tracking a werebear? It has a den?”

Leanne gave a curt laugh. “We are going after a rogue werebear. It thinks it’s a bear.”

“So how do you know it’s not a real rabid bear?”

The tone of voice my mother used was far from nice, it wasn’t the stern lecturer, it was condescending and insulting. “We tested the human victims for venom.”

“So you what sequestered them until they showed symptoms?”

“No.” Michaela frowned.

“Let me guess, you killed the human bitten by the bear?”

My mother shook her head. “He has so much to learn.” She glanced back at me then turned her eyes back to the road. “That is the law. To kill anyone who would reveal the existence of the supernatural world to other humans. Their blood work would no longer be normal. And what was I supposed to do take a woman in her 40’s into my care and then kill her when she turned and killed my kids?”

“You didn’t give her a chance. She was part of this world now. You don’t have the right to kill an innocent. She didn’t choose to become a were bear.”

She nodded. “All the more reason to end her misery.”

“Being a were isn’t a bad life.” I spluttered out.

“And how would you know?” She asked indignant.

“My best friends foster parents are were wolves. One of my therapists is a were wolf!”

There was a low rumble from my mother’s throat at she drove. She didn’t speak the rest of the car ride and neither did I. We didn’t formulate a plan. We sat in silence. Michaela fidgetted in her seat and I knew she was being bombarded with thoughts from both of us. I pulled my shields tight around me.

Michaela turned around and frowned, “You didn’t have to do that.”

I nodded. “Yes I did.”

“What did you have to do?” my mother asked.

Michaela answered for me. “Nothing, Leanne. He just kicked my seat is all.”

My mother turned her glare at me and when she turned back I really did kick her seat. My mother rose her voice. “That’s enough!”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say, Leanne.”

The car stopped and everyone was getting out. I grabbed my bag. My mother grabbed it from the other side of the Jeep. “You don’t need that. Just grab your weapon. We’ll be back before you know it.”

I was about to disagree but decided I was going to keep my mouth shut. I took Damnation and Salvation out of their places in my gear and strung the survival knife through my belt and then looped it through my jeans. I held my Beretta in my hand and we headed out without any other gear except that which we brought with us.