Ant grabbed my arm once we were outside and in the waning light he pulled me into the shadows, “Think of your room.” He said.

I blinked at him and he pressed me against the wall deep in the shadows, “Think of your room.” He demanded again. The demand. The room, a pair of blue eyes flashed in front of my vision. Fuck what was I doing, but I did as I was instructed and the grin that spread across his lips highlighted the fangs that had pierced my skin and I shuddered. Fuck what was happening to me.

And in a blink we were in my room, the room had shifted and I doubled over losing the two beers I’d drank. A mood killer for certain.

Ant grabbed me by the back of the neck and helped me stand back upright, there was a glass of water in his hand. “My apologies. I didn’t realize it would make you queasy.”

“Fuck what was that?” I asked.

“We call it Shadow walking. Any destination in shadow I can travel to from another shadow.” He grinned again, but this time the fangs were hidden.

“How do you do that?”

“What? the fangs?”

Ant shrugged. “They are always the same, just hidden in shadow. All embraced and primeval vampires can do it. The cursed have no such power.”

I nodded. “Are there are lot of cursed?”

Ant nodded. “Much more than embraced and far more greater numbers than the primeval – we are a dying race.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault. While I adore your thirst for vampiric knowledge, I’m still hungry.”

I laughed, “What you didn’t get enough the first time?”

He smiled, a real smile that reached his eyes, “Of you, I don’t think I could ever.”

“Now that’s a pick up line if I ever heard one.”

“Do I need to pick you up?” Ant winked, “I’m already in your room.”

I sighed. “Losing my beers kinda killed the mood.”

“I can fix that.” Ant said, “Or rather you’ll change your mind once I feed again.”

I shook my head. “I may not be able to help my bodies reaction but I can’t go through with what I wanted so much before. There’s..”

Ant pressed a finger to my lips. “You don’t have to explain things to me. I can feed and go. Or I can stay. No obligations. And you don’t have to feed me at all.” He said.

“I want to, that’s part of the problem, but you can feed. It’s the least I can do.”

Ant nodded, “You don’t smell as good as before.” He said as he pressed his face to my neck.

I mumbled, “You siphoned off enough power.” Just as he bit my neck and the whole raw emotion, the lust and sex all came to the forefront. “Only to the edge.”

Ant chuckled against my skin sending more desire through my body. I went limp and Ant stopped. “Fuck. No.”

I laughed. “No I’m alright, just …” I didn’t finish my thought before Ant had me up and in the bed.

“It’s alright. Nox. I got it. I can’t control the bite like an incubus. It just happens. Even Johnny has more control than I do.”

I sighed and curled on the bed. “I need a nap, but I have a lot more questions.”

Ant laughed, “I’ll be back at sunrise and we can chat. I can’t stay still right now. All that power…”

I nodded as I drifted to sleep.