The Call of the DRagon Prologue

The buzz of magic played along Poet’s tanned, bare arms. The warm, westerly breeze from early in the month plagued his thoughts.  “Why are you replacing me?” He asked the aether.  Poet sat at his favorite spot in Central Park. The sun made little rainbows on the concrete chess board through the crystal chess pieces, … Continue reading The Call of the DRagon Prologue

Epilogue: Shaving

I headed up stairs to get ready. I still planned on being Ted. It was still a costume party, we were just going to throw a wedding into the mix. A lot less planning Alex said. Alex was waiting for me in our room. He sat on the bed wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that simply said “404 Costume … Continue reading Epilogue: Shaving

EPilogue: Impromtu Therapy

Two days before Alex’s birthday the entire family got their memories back. But everyone was under strict order to never mention that fact. The good thing was, that most of us already knew how to keep secrets and well the kids, they didn’t go to school with normal people. So our secret was safe - we hoped. … Continue reading EPilogue: Impromtu Therapy