Tracking the Dragon

I finished the sketch and Michaela looked at what I drew versus what was on the screen. “I don’t see any of that.”

I could only shrug as I handed it to Ricky. “Call me if you get any hits?”

“Will do. Will you be staying on?” He asked me.

I shook my head. “No sir. I miss the City. I need to go home when this is done. Mich is around. She’s better than my mother.”

He smiled and Mich and I walked outside. “Now what?” She asked me with a smile.

“Now we see if we can track the dragon down.”

“How?” she asked.

“Same way we tracked the bear.” I said.

“But this is a city there are so many smells.”

I nodded. “It’ll be harder, but we can do it.” I said with a smile.

The Denver Art Museum was where things went down. The gallery where the theft took place was off limits for gallery goers, but Mich and I snuck past the tape with our veil. Sometimes breaking and entering was too easy.

It wasn’t quite so easy to find the scent since so many people came through. Dragons were like people and they had distinct smells to them, from cologne, body wash, but everyone had a unique scent which combined with all the other things. It was partially pheromones and other chemistry things that made unique smells even more unique on a person. We learned chemistry in school as a means to fit into the real world. But every Magnus was required to take the class as the structure of the world was built on the foundations of chemistry. In order to understand your own magic you had to understand bonds, and energy and chemistry. As Magnus you two chemistry twice, once as a normal human class and again as a magic user.

Chemistry had been one of my favorite classes. I hadn’t learned much except that if you zoom in far enough to see a pattern there are smaller particles between it. I didn’t know what they were and when I asked about them in class I was told I was seeing things. I mean I was literally seeing things, but my teacher didn’t believe that I saw them.

I told Dae’lin and she let me experiment a little under her guidance. She didn’t understand what I was doing, but she understood my need to know. I couldn’t figure out what it was really. But I knew it was essential to things. I could examine a real plant and see them twinkling like little stars, but when I created the plant’s replica they were missing. Whatever my abilities were they didn’t create those sparkles of energy.

But either way I couldn’t find his scent. I could smell people and isolate their scents, but when it came down to picking the dragon’s up I was useless. I didn’t know how to differentiate between a human cop, or the dragon because there were too many people around. Unlike the were bear crime scene the amount of people had been limited, and the unique scent of a bear was easy to pick up out of all the human scents.

This dragon not so much. So we went back to town and found us a cheap motel to stay in. We shared a room, as always, but Michaela left me alone in it while she went to go talk to some friends. At least that was what she told me. I didn’t mind much I had a book to read while we waited to see what the cops found out on the facial recognition.