My Punishment

I followed Michaela out of the house and left fire in my wake. Michaela turned around just as the blaze swallowed up the house behind me. Her mouth dropped and she stared at the fire and then looked at me. “That’s handy. I was wondering how you were going to take care of this.”

I smiled at her and walked away a bit and sat down on the lawn. “I need to stay and keep it under control and then we can go.”

“You let a human go.”

I shrugged. “We don’t kill humans. We protect them.”

“But you didn’t change her perception or anything you gave her a lie…”

I interrupted Michaela. “I gave her a lie and scared her enough to tell the truth about what went on. No one is going to believe that a ghost killed everyone.”

“But she’ll say it was a ghost.”

“Maybe. But I think I scared her enough.”

Michaela sighed and sat down next to me. “How good is your control? How many things can you do at once? Without setting the world on fire?”

My smirk turned into a wry grin as I pulled Michaela against me and rolled her over on to the plush grass. “I think I can manage.” I pinned her down beneath me. “Does the hunt make you frisky, Mich?” I pressed my lips to hers.

“Always. So does training, and hiking and the mountains.” She said as she rolled me over and rubbed her body against mine. “So shut up, keep that fire burning and fuck me.”

“As you command.”