I Hate Flying

I tried to sleep but I was too riled up to get anywhere close so instead I sat on the floor in child pose trying to relax. I didn’t care if I was in the way and by the time my flight was called I was readily stretched and relaxed comparatively speaking. I was still a ball of nerves but I was not as stressed. I hated flying. Like hated flying. The last time I flew I was five and those memories were hardly good on my constitution.

But they were the nightmares I had. Everything related to one another all coming back to the night I sparked. Everything had culminated from that point onward. I can’t even imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t sparked. There is no comparison I can make. Normal for me was not normal for anyone else and normal for a Venatori was hardly human. I was stretched tightly between worlds.

I was seated on the aisle. I had to let two people in before I could situate myself. Thankfully they were on time and seated in the very first minutes of boarding. They weren’t a couple but they were of opposite sex. They didn’t appear to know each other either. The girl took the window and promptly pulled on a noise canceling headphones and closed her window and shut her eyes. She wasn’t even going to wait for take off.

The guy next to me was nervous. He shifted in his chair several times bumping my elbow and then grinning at me with a shy smile. I smiled back at him. “I thought I was going to be the only nervous one.”

“You don’t act nervous.”

I shrugged. “I’m just good at hiding it. I’m afraid of flying and heights too.”

“This is my first time flying. I’m Henry.”

“Nox. I’ve only flown one other time I don’t have good memories of it.”

“Why not?” Henry asked with a lot of worry in his voice.

“My mother was dragging me kicking and screaming and swearing at me. It wasn’t a plane issue.”

Henry sighed as the stewardess started telling all the safety features and such and Henry’s breathing started to get ragged. I put my hand in his lap and I wiggled my fingers. “We can do this together.”

He looked at me then down at my hand and wove his fingers with mine. “Probably a good thing I’m not homophobic huh?” Henry joked.

“I won’t kiss you unless you want me to.”

Henry grinned. “Only if you think it will help.”

“I like you.” I said. “Not in thatway.”

Henry laughed. “I got what you meant. I like you too. Thanks for this.” He squeezed my hand as the plane jerked forward.

I spoke softly so only Henry could hear me. “Close your eyes. Think of your happy place. Me I’m in the kitchen with a steak searing on the stove top.”

Henry laughed, “You cook too?”

“I do a lot of things.” I grinned. “Where’s your happy place.”

“On the soccer field. I’m a goalie. It’s just life waiting and watching the ball. Protecting my team.”

“You win?”

“All the time.” Henry said. “Going to an All Star Soccer camp before college. Should be a lot of fun. Where you going?”

I smiled and squeezed his hand as his breathing started to become jagged again. “I’m going for some on the job training before taking on my real job back in the City.”

“What do you do?”

“Private Investigator.”

“Really? That’s kinda cool.” The plane lifted off and Henry’s hand squeezed tighter.

“Breath.” I whispered.

“Maybe that kiss would actually help.”

I turned to look at him, “Are you sure?”

“I’ll try anything once.”

I didn’t hesitate as I grabbed his chin and turned him to look at me. He had pale green eyes and I closed mine and pressed my lips to his.” Henry gasped at the touch and relaxed into my hand and he kissed me back.

I had to admit it was distracting.

The plane leveled off and the light that signaled we could walk around and the stewardesses were up and moving around. I sat back in my chair and Henry was in a half daze from the kiss still which only made me smirk.

Henry grinned. “You are a fucking great kisser.”

I smirked. “I’m even better in bed.”

Henry sighed. “I believe that.”

I leaned over and whispered, “I can show you.”

There was a visible shudder through Henry’s body. “Maybe when we land.”

I laughed. “What don’t want to join the mile high club?”

Henry gave me a nervous laugh. “Here?”

I shook my head, “The bathroom is a little more private.”

Henry looked behind us. “It’s tiny.”

I smirked. “I can wait.” I shifted in my seat and Henry’s eyes were drawn to the budge in my jeans as I pressed the palm of my hand against it.

“Holy fuck.” Henry said. “I’ve never …”

I leaned over and whispered, “I’ll be gentle. You have to be someplace when we get off?” I smirked at my words. I knew he was blushing without even looking at him.

“I… I have a hotel room before I take a bus to the college we are playing at.”

I smiled. “We can wait then.” I pulled my earbuds out and plugged them into my phone. “I need to drown out my thoughts now.”

Henry shifted our hands into my lap and he untwined his fingers and wrapped it around my jean clad cock and I couldn’t help but groan and press my hips into his hand. “If you keep that up I’ll be more than up for the occasion.”

“I’m not normally like this. I’ve never…”

I put my hand on top of his as he gripped my cock. “You can stop anytime you like.”