Olivers Orgie House (Alex)

The Wicked Truth had been fast. Within an hour I had a meeting with Jaxen Oliver of Oliver’s Orgie House, or more politely know as Ooh. I googled them, and found their website. It was a classy black web page with purple lettering that looked like Neon glow. There was a contact form, and a ‘secure’ registration page. No other information. I clicked the registration … Continue reading Olivers Orgie House (Alex)

The Mercenary Bitch (Alex)

I followed Kate’s daughter around for two weeks listening to her thoughts, watching her habits. I had my hacker bug her phone and gather whatever social media presence she had. Then with all that intel I knew what she wanted and needed to get my biggest reward. I rented an apartment above the Lincoln Center, something that fit her budget and her prestige. It was … Continue reading The Mercenary Bitch (Alex)