Olivers Orgie House (Alex)

The Wicked Truth had been fast. Within an hour I had a meeting with Jaxen Oliver of Oliver's Orgie House, or more politely know as Ooh. I googled them, and found their website. It was a classy black web page with purple lettering that looked like Neon glow. There was a contact form, and a … Continue reading Olivers Orgie House (Alex)

The Wicked Truth (Alex)

Janice dropped me off at the Lincoln Center apartment and I asked her if she wanted to come up and we could talk more, but she had other obligations. I was knew those obligations were not made up, there were people counting on her to take care of the accounting of funds for the Children's … Continue reading The Wicked Truth (Alex)

The Limo Ride Home (Alex)

I ended up paying too much for a trinket. It was a jeweled egg, there were plenty of other jeweled eggs, apparently Kate had collected them, but this one reminded me of Kate. Janice told me this one was the last one she had purchased before she passed, and that it had represented her love … Continue reading The Limo Ride Home (Alex)

The Mercenary Bitch (Alex)

I followed Kate's daughter around for two weeks listening to her thoughts, watching her habits. I had my hacker bug her phone and gather whatever social media presence she had. Then with all that intel I knew what she wanted and needed to get my biggest reward. I rented an apartment above the Lincoln Center, … Continue reading The Mercenary Bitch (Alex)

Charity Case (Alex)

New York City’s skyline came into view over the horizon but disappeared as the Lincoln tunnel entryway dipped below the ground. I’d been staring at the city wishing the weather was warmer so I could have the top down. Driving Serenity in the winter was not my favorite thing to do, but I had a … Continue reading Charity Case (Alex)