Going Out

When everyone else was leaving i caught up with Nick. “Hey. You still want to go out and hook up with guys.”

Nick grinned, “Wing men?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. I met a guy on the plane flying out to Colorado. I told him when I was home again I’d call him see if he wanted to hook up. He was fledgling.”

“You had sex with him?”

I smiled. “Well yeah. He was cute, but not my speed. More yours really.”

“Sloppy seconds?”

I shrugged, “Are you going to slap love in the face just because I fucked him?”

Nick sighed, “As long as it’s understood we are all going out as friends and you aren’t going to steal any of my men?”

I laughed. “We do not have the same taste in men, Nick.” I really wanted someone a whole lot different. I’d been hiding from things because of a dream. Not anymore.

“Sure, meet you downstairs at 8?” Nick asked.

“Sounds good.” I said and Nick hailed a cab and a yellow taxi pulled up and he got in, I shut the door behind him and watched him drive off. My brother was 3 months younger than me but he felt so much younger for some reason. Maybe it was Laker and Rider rubbing off on me.

I looked at my phone and found the number. There was a certain nervousness to my stomach as I waited for him to pick up. “Hello?”

“Henry, this is Nox. We met on the plane last year?”

“Hey Nox.” He sounded happy to hear from me. “I remember you. How could I forget you?” I imagined him blushing. “What’s up?”

“I’m back in the City and was wondering if you wanted to go out we me and my brother. Three men looking for a hookup. And you can meet my brother. I think he’s more your speed than I am.”

Henry laughed. “Yeah I can do tonight. I was planning on going to a frat party if you guys want to come hang.”

“Sounds like a good place to start.”

I had a date. though it was a bitter reminder of lost date.

But I was determined to move on.

Nick and I met in the lobby of the AU building at 8pm and I told him about the party and where Henry was taking us. Nick laughed, “I was planning on going there tonight.”

“So maybe you and Henry know each other?” I said.

Nick shook his head. “I don’t hang out with too many humans. It’s hard to explain our life to them.”

“So don’t, just be an eccentric rich kid. That’s who I am to Jace. Or that’s what Mia and Sage play it off as. He think I’m hiding among the poor folks.”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“You’ll learn.” I said as we got on the train and headed into Harlem. Vampire territory but it was were the frat party Henry told us to meet him at.

Both Nick and Henry would be closing out the year with this party. I was surprised they were still having frat parties.

I could feel it the moment we crossed into vampire land. The energy all around us shifted and I shivered noticeably. “You all right?”

I nodded. “Yeah we just crossed into vampire territory.”

“Are we going to be alright?” Nick asked.

“As long as you don’t go home with a vampire you will be perfectly fine.” I joked.

The party was already going when we got there. And I couldn’t see Henry anywhere, so we went inside. Nick looked at home, he even knew a few faces. I grabbed a beer from the keg but the power outside called to me.

I was staring hard through a window trying to gauge the distance of that power when a hand on my shoulder drew my attention. A familiar face stared back at me and I grinned at him. “Hey Henry.”

He cozied up to me and pressed a kiss to my lips which had me melting at the touch. Memories drawn so tightly of his body against mine. And visions of blue eyes staring back at me. I must have frozen because Henry pulled away. “Something wrong?” He asked.

I grinned at him and hid behind the mask. I didn’t let him see the pain that was hidden deep inside. “Not a thing. But I thought you would have learned by now, I’m not your type.”

He blushed. I grabbed his hand. “Let me introduce you to my brother.”

I found Nick on the dance floor with a girl. She was grinding against him like he was the hottest guy in the room. And while I agreed with her assessment of things, she was wasting her time. I took Nick’s hand and pressed Henry’s into it. I leaned in to Nick and whispered, “This is Henry. He’s the fledgling I was talking about.” I turned between the two men I was introducing. Herny was picking up the dance pace with me and I wanted to curl up and do bad things with him. But this was a nice kid and I was not nice. I didn’t want to be nice. “This is my brother Nick. Before I knew he was my brother I wanted in his pants. See if you can do better than me.” I said then slipped out from between the two and they started dancing together. That girl all but forgotten to Nick with a cute boy in front of him.

I grabbed another beer and stepped outside and watched the crowd out there. The party was spilling into the street and I could feel the power of the vampires all around. I wanted to be bad… What better place.