I sat there for a long time. Probably too long with family and friends out in the dining room waiting on me. Long enough that there was a knock on the door and I looked up and saw a pair of blue eyes staring back at me and I lost it.

Sage was kneeling in front of me. His hands on my knees, “Jesus, Nox I didn’t think I looked that bad.” He joked.

“What’s wrong? Did things go bad with your dream guy?”

“You could say that. He never showed up.”

“What?” Sage sounded confused. “Jace found him. Told him to come see you. He said he’d swing by after he finished his drink.” Sage sighed, “At least that was what Jace said.”

“He never came by and I’ve not seen him in my dreams since that night. I should have known it was just a game.”

Sage wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. He didn’t linger long. Touch was still his biggest aversion. Though he was clearly getting better at it since I last saw him. “I have something that might not cheer you up but I was going to tell you on Friday night but you were busy.”

“I was saving my dad.”

Sage nodded. “I know I get it. I asked Dee to marry me.”

My eyes went big and he was grinning. “She said yes. I want you to be my best man.”

I nodded and wrapped my arms around my friend, “Yeah, whatever you need.”

He stood up and laughed, “Well right now I need you out with the rest of the party. You okay with that?”

I sighed. “Yeah. I guess.”

I walked out with Sage holding my hand. He was doing it to comfort me. Not the other way around. I put on the faked happy smile and I walked into the dinning room to see people I hadn’t expected. Not only was Dorian sitting at a table with my father, but Jesse and the boys were sitting with Dae’lin, she had the boys laughing. Jace and Mia were sitting with a woman I didn’t know, but Sage left my side as Mia wrapped her body around me the best she could. Sage sat down next to the woman with brown hair and equally brown eyes – had to be Dee.

Iris and Nate were here, as well as her younger children, but her husband was not. Nick was sitting with her chatting away. Which reminded me, I needed to call Henry.

Margo was sitting with Dorian and my father and they were all chatting happily. This was my family. Mia dragged me along behind her and sat down next to her. I didn’t bother giving Jace a glance, or much cared either way. I was fairly certain he was a prick and didn’t actually do what he said. Always jealous…

Dinner was fabulous. Marco pulled out all the stops, with the appetizers, the entry and even dessert – chocolate cake covered in a decadent chocolate sauce. No frosting – just cake and the sauce. He knew me so well.

The boys and Jesse were leaving the next day so I bid them farewell they were going to the airport and staying in a hotel with a free shuttle. Dorian was returning them in a car he said. I gave them all the fake smile but I was genuine in my feelings that I’d miss them. I heard the boys as they were leaving, ‘can we have a phone of our own so we can talk with Nox whenever we want.’ Jesse never answered them. I hoped he relented.