Thrill Seeker

When I was younger I was a thrill seeker. I was too young to go on white water rapid trips or skydiving. But I did jump from the heights of the AU building up until the point that I had a tiny cat who relied on my existence to survive. And two brothers who I wanted to watch grow up.

Previous viewers would know I actually wasn’t quite so grounded who knew that an actual family would tone me down. My drinking and drugs stopped. Though that was a new phenomenon in the Last Hunt. Before that I’d only gotten drunk once in my life. For a good while the anniversary of my coming to the Venatori set me off into a spiral of self destruction.

For the past five years it’s thrown me into the same spiral but the self destruction turned to self ‘flagulation’ no?? Alright more like self improvement. Days spent with Ant and Ryan getting the shit kicked out of me. In a good way – sparring and video games. Can I say I hate video games? I’m so much better at the real thing.

I think as I grew up I became boring…

Side Note: 1927 words for the Write Practice 7 day Writing Challenge.