Unexpected Stop

I hate driving. I don’t mind it so much around the country areas. I don’t mind it country or on major highways, but I was going to be complete panic when I got to New York City. I really hated driving there. I almost got on a plane to avoid having to fly. But I didn’t have a near by Venatori safe house to drop it off at. So I plotted my course back home.

I was going back home.

Unfortunately, my car decided that it was time to stop and threw a tire. Dumb ass kid I am didn’t check for the spare before I left. I be some idiot took it out of the trunk so they could hide more gear and then when they were done forgot to put it back. Dumb ass – both them and me.

So I had to call Triple A and wait for a tow truck. Thankfully there was a truck nearby but they were out on the other end of town on a job and I’d have to wait a few hours to do it. Apparently town was hours big… I was questioning their business skills.

With nothing better to do I took a nap. It had been a few weeks since my dream guy showed up and I was hoping to see him. But there was never any guarantee. But I hoped as I drifted off.

I woke up in a little room with blocks on the floor and toys scattered everywhere. It made me shudder with the chaos. I started picking up the blocks and toys and putting them away in the bins on the shelves.

I heard the air shift and the smell in the room altered a small amount. I didn’t know what I looked like. But I’d made a conscious effort to not be myself. I was happy to play the game I knew was going on. “Hey Pretty Boy.”

I tilted my head back to look at him, a little upside down. “Hey.” I said as I bit my bottom lip then went back to cleaning up.

“This is different.”

“I’m waiting for a tow, so it’s a nap.” I smiled as I picked the pins up and put them across the room on the shelf. “I’ve not seen you for a few weeks.”

The look he gave me wasn’t exactly confused, but it wasn’t happy or sad. I really didn’t know what he was thinking. “I know I’ve been busy.” I added, “And my hours were shit but we always seem to line up at some point.” I knew I was rambling.

“So you think I was avoiding you?”

I shrugged. “No. Should I? Were you?” Now I was a little worried. “You saw something in my head that kept you away.” Fuck. I said it out loud, it didn’t matter, if I did or not. He’d read it in my thoughts. I couldn’t keep things from him. It was difficult to try, specially now in the dream.

“You don’t block me on purpose do you?” He said taking a step closer.

I shrugged. “I wouldn’t even know how.”

“Someone was.” He said. “Doesn’t matter.” He smiled, but it wasn’t a real one. He was hiding something. I wanted to ask, but I didn’t. If he read my mind great, if not then I was content with just smiling at him.

I bit my bottom lip and stepped closer. “I missed you.” Which was funny, because I didn’t even know his name. I could ask him. But I was sure to find that out soon enough. My birthday was less than two weeks away.

“Two weeks huh?” He smirked.

I smiled again. “I’ll be 20. Say good-bye to a teenager.”

He laughed and I couldn’t help my reaction to his laughter. Even if it was just a short little laugh. “Can I?” I stammered out. I wanted to touch him. I knew it wasn’t really him but I wanted to touch him so bad.

“Why do you ask, when you know the answer?”

“I like hearing you answer.” I said with a shrug and stepped towards him with a smile. I reached across the small distance and put a hand on his hip and curled my fingers into his belt loop. My other hand I ran the back of my fingers down the smooth skin of his cheek. “I like knowing you want me to touch you.” I grinned at him with a playful look in my eyes.

“I think you like having permission.” He smirked.

“That too.” I smirked.

He grabbed my arm and spun me around so my back was to him and he pulled me against him and wrapped an arm around my waist. “Can I be honest?’ He asked as he leaned his face against my neck – his favorite spot only a hairs breathe away.

“Always” I answered. I didn’t want lies not ever. I hated lies.

He smirked against my skin. “I was pissed at you.” I tried to turn around to look at him. But he held me firm against him unable to turn around. I could have struggled and I might have if he wanted it, but I was pretty sure he wanted me to stay where I was. “I thought you were avoiding me. Things happened I wasn’t sure. But I believe you don’t know what’s going on.” He kissed my neck and I tilted my neck so he could bite and suck but all he did was kiss.

I heard a tap tap on the window and groaned. “The tow truck is here.”

He sighed. “I hate this,” he said just before he licked my neck from my shoulder to my ear. “I licked it. It’s mine.”

I laughed and he shoved me away and I woke with a smile on my face to the tap tap tap on my window. “I’m awake give me a moment.”