The Den – Walk Me Home

We walked for several blocks before Sage turned down a side street and then down an alley way. I asked, "Alley's are a little dicey at this time of night, aren't they?" He smiled. "I've pack protection. Besides you are with me now." "So you don't take this alley way without me?" I asked playfully. [...]

The Den – Meeting The Wicked Truth

We followed Ant outside and into the back of the building. My stomach churned at the knowledge of how Ant intended us to get to where we were going. He offered me his hand which I took without question. He grabbed Walker by the elbow and he literally stepped into the shadows of the buildings [...]

The Rest of the Family – Babysitter

I headed to my room for a shower. I could have called Sage, but I figured that would be pointless. So I sent him a text instead. Me 646-555-4512 Mon, 06/25/2015 Have a late night again. Working Late. 1:05 PM My shower was quick and I called Treec. She answered quickly. I didn't even bother [...]

The Rest of the Plan – Seduce Me

After visiting my father I took a nap. It was unlike me, but I needed sleep now or I'd not be able to function later when it mattered. Balance needed to be restored. The one good thing about naps is no nightmares. It was refreshing sleeping during the day when I was supposed to. Three [...]

The Rest of the Plan – The Wicked Truth

I walked a small distance behind Walker and Emerson but we didn't walk much farther when I saw Emerson take a deep breath. I saw fire pull in from the elements around him and build in his chest. It was like watching a slow motion reel in the movie theater. I threw a wall of [...]

Bombs – Captured

The substation was encompassed about half a block with lots of high voltage signs all over the fence. It was easy enough to hope the fence even with the barbed wire at the top, but I didn’t have to, there was a hole the size of a man burnt into the fencing. As if that [...]

Bombs – A Vampire Haven

I lead us to the subway station to get to our next destination. The train rattled into the platform and Walker didn’t say anything until the train started moving again. “How do you know when to not shoot first?” I smiled as I sat across from him. “I don’t shoot at all unless they are [...]

Sept 6, 2015 @ 4:45AM

Yesterday was a busy day, I didn’t get a chance to hit the writing.  I didn’t wake up with nightmares this morning.  My alarm actually woke me up.  Sage is still curled up in his bed sleeping.  He rolled over when my alarm went off after kissing me good morning.  I missed him.  I needed [...]

Sept 4, 2015 @ 6:30PM

We are almost to HQ in Boulder.  Another 1 hour hike, but the boys all wanted to camp out one more night.  I think they were hoping that Dylan and Michaela would catch up with them.  I think they felt abandoned by them.  Left to die.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that [...]

Sept 4, 2015 @ 10:06AM

Darwyn came back with his buck, the boys helped him cook it and we ate well outside the ruined village. I buried as many of the bodies I could. Matt and Faelen helped me. Respecting the dead of our fallen foes. All of the boys filtered off into their little cliques. The teams didn’t stick [...]