Killing Time

Mich and I had a few hours to kill while we waited on the cops. If I were home I’d just have Sage do the grunt work. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t really do much anything until then. It was Spring so went for a run and Mich went to visit some friends. She had invited me along, but I hadn’t gone with her. I didn’t expect she wanted me along anyway but she was being kind.

I didn’t know where I was going but my phone had GPS so I could find my way back. Sage was awesome that way – always had the best toys. I expected he’d be changing everything out once I got home again. Bitching about how archaic my current set up was.

I got a call from Ricky about an hour into my run. “Hey Nox. We got a hit on your guy. I got a name and number if you want it.” I stopped running and found a coffee shop where I could borrow a piece of paper and a pencil, normally I’d just punch it into my phone but I was currently using it. And I didn’t exactly want the world listening in on my conversation.

Ricky gave me the name and address of the guy they’d pegged as my dragon. And we hung up. I called the hotel hoping Mich was back but she wasn’t and she didn’t have a phone like I did. Not many Venatori did, it was one of those things they didn’t see useful. But I did.

So I made my way back to the hotel. I was closer than I thought I was, I’d been running circles according to my GPS and I was nearly back where I started probably for the third or fourth time without even realizing it. But when I got back Mich wasn’t there. The room was still empty like I’d left it.

I grabbed a quick shower and changed clothes and still no Mich. I was a little worried but I had a job to do so I wrote down a note on the paper I’d written the address on and told Mich where I was going. I was going on a solo hunt. It made me wonder if this was something she had planned.

I could have taken the Jeep. Or rented another car but I chose to walk. It was good being in a city again. Directions were easy and I wasn’t going to get lost with my phone on me. It was a good walking distance but I could manage. And I enjoyed the time I had alone, it gave me plenty of time to think. And I had a lot to think about.

The twins were growing on me rapidly, and Jesse was a good man. We talked regularly and I visited when I could. And then there was my mysterious dream guy who I was seeing in my dreams. The death of my mother still plagued me. My anxiety and depression were always on edge. But I was not showing it. I had plenty of happy moments in my dreams to use to fuel my fake smile. I thought about him and me and our meeting. I thought about my family I was coming to know as the days went on. I thought about all the things I’d missed and all the things I would never have. But most of all I thought about my own family.