Killing Time

Mich and I had a few hours to kill while we waited on the cops. If I were home I’d just have Sage do the grunt work. But I wasn’t. I couldn’t really do much anything until then. It was Spring so went for a run and Mich went to visit some friends. She had invited me along, but I hadn’t gone with her. I didn’t expect she wanted me along anyway but she was being kind.

I didn’t know where I was going but my phone had GPS so I could find my way back. Sage was awesome that way – always had the best toys. I expected he’d be changing everything out once I got home again. Bitching about how archaic my current set up was.

I got a call from Ricky about an hour into my run. “Hey Nox. We got a hit on your guy. I got a name and number if you want it.” I stopped running and found a coffee shop where I could borrow a piece of paper and a pencil, normally I’d just punch it into my phone but I was currently using it. And I didn’t exactly want the world listening in on my conversation.

Ricky gave me the name and address of the guy they’d pegged as my dragon. And we hung up. I called the hotel hoping Mich was back but she wasn’t and she didn’t have a phone like I did. Not many Venatori did, it was one of those things they didn’t see useful. But I did.

So I made my way back to the hotel. I was closer than I thought I was, I’d been running circles according to my GPS and I was nearly back where I started probably for the third or fourth time without even realizing it. But when I got back Mich wasn’t there. The room was still empty like I’d left it.

I grabbed a quick shower and changed clothes and still no Mich. I was a little worried but I had a job to do so I wrote down a note on the paper I’d written the address on and told Mich where I was going. I was going on a solo hunt. It made me wonder if this was something she had planned.

I could have taken the Jeep. Or rented another car but I chose to walk. It was good being in a city again. Directions were easy and I wasn’t going to get lost with my phone on me. It was a good walking distance but I could manage. And I enjoyed the time I had alone, it gave me plenty of time to think. And I had a lot to think about.

The twins were growing on me rapidly, and Jesse was a good man. We talked regularly and I visited when I could. And then there was my mysterious dream guy who I was seeing in my dreams. The death of my mother still plagued me. My anxiety and depression were always on edge. But I was not showing it. I had plenty of happy moments in my dreams to use to fuel my fake smile. I thought about him and me and our meeting. I thought about my family I was coming to know as the days went on. I thought about all the things I’d missed and all the things I would never have. But most of all I thought about my own family.


  1. I still have mixed feelings on the dreamwalker. I am intrigued by him and wonder how your meeting him will go. I have a question(Forgive my ignorance), if the Venatori don’t use cellphones how do they communicate?

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    1. Land line. They are very stuck in tradition. Like a community stuck in the eighties tech wise. No email. No cell phones. No gps. They suck.

      Soon. We’ll see how it all goes very soon. We’ll soon for me. You have to wait till May. Evil grin

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