Walking Around

I was laid up for a week because the doctors didn’t want me moving, but two days in my leg looked like a leg. It hurt, but it was still healing a little, and it was still too long. It was going to take months to get it back to running speed. And what we did I had to be in the top pique condition or I could get hurt even worse.

It’s a good thing I heal quickly. Michaela had spent a few nights curled up next to me in the hospital room once I was well. We did things that my doctors wouldn’t have liked, but what the fuck did I care. Michaela was careful not to hurt me over extend my capabilities or what she thought of them anyway.

And when they let me go they made me promise I wouldn’t over do it. I didn’t. Michaela made sure of it. When she went on mission she had Charlie watching me like a hawk. He would sit in my room playing video games on his phone or laptop or he’d drag me into the common room so I could sleep there while he watched a movie or some stupid reality TV show. Or played video games.

He got me to play a few.

And then when it was time for physical therapy the doctors pushed me past my limits. Under observation they said it was alright. But the funny thing was their limits and my limits were different.

I had to ease back into the walking on the treadmill, one leg being stronger than the other. Did I mention I hate the treadmill or any of the other stationary equipment? They started to let me lift weights again. That was by far the fun part. But they started me out easy there too.

Three weeks in and I was lifting half the weight I had been before. They were disappointed in my lack of rapid recovery. The healing had gone well, but I wasn’t Venatori in strength so they were disappointed that I wasn’t doing more. I was happy with the progression. I could feel it getting stronger.

Charlie and I were allowed to go for walks around the property. Michaela came with me when she wasn’t off on mission. We stopped for a few private moments in some of the more secluded areas of the facilities woodlands.

There was one spot that had a hot spring. And another that had the softest grass I’d ever felt in a circle of warmth created by the sun. It might have been romantic if it were someone else. But with Michaela it was just about pleasing each other in a sexual way.

Mich always shut me up with a kiss or dropped to her knees when I was about to complain about the lack of protection with me. She insured I was always out. Even if I bought a new box she would take it from my room. She always seemed to find it too – no matter where I hid it. But Mich was careful with my moods. She was learning to handle me like a pro. I don’t know if that was a good thing or not.

By the end of April I was running a mile and Michaela was taking me along on her day hikes.