I was naked by the time I hit Sage’s bed. He wanted to lick me so I let him. His tongue ran over my abs, my nipples. He was beat red the whole time. “Can I bite them?” My cock jumped and he licked his lips.

I managed to croak out “Yes. Just be gentle, teeth hurt and sometimes if it’s too early it’s not pleasurable.”

“How will I know?” He asked before he licked them a gain and I let my head fall back and expose more of my throat.

“You’ll know if she likes it.”

Sage pressed his face into my chest and mumbled but I didn’t hear him and he knew it. He lifted his head but didn’t look at me, “Can you do it to me?”

I grinned and tucked my fingers under his chin and made him look at me. “Take off your clothes – slowly.”

“Do I have to dance?”

I shook my head. “If you want to but no just slowly. Tease her.”

My cock was rock hard and standing straight Sage stared at it instead of my face. He watched my visceral reaction to him getting naked. He’d seen me naked more times then I could count, but this was the first time I got to see him. I’d seen him jacking off, watched him cum into his hand, but this was the first time I got to see his body unbidden by clothes. And he was fucking gorgeous. It was a shame I didn’t want more from him. He was my friend and I wasn’t going there. But I’d help educate my friend. I was honored he wanted me to help him.

I rolled Sage on to his back once he was naked and lying next to me. I looked my shy friend in the face and smiled, “You are fucking gorgeous.” I licked his neck and his chest and ran my tongue around his nipples and he groaned. I leaned up on my elbows, “What are you willing to let her do?”

He looked up at me and shivered. “I don’t know.”

I grinned at him, “Would you like me to show you a few options?”

He nodded unable to speak as I wrapped my hand around his cock. He shuddered. “Nox.”

“Yeah?” I asked.

He looked at me and his blush deepened. “Your mouth?” Sage took a deep breath as I pressed my lips to his cock. I groaned around his cock and he shuddered.

There was a groan from behind us. And Sage looked up but I didn’t as I continued to push his cock deeper into my throat. Mia came and sat down next to me and Sage. She watched with Jace behind her his hands kneeding her shoulders.

I looked up the length of his body. “Sage, do you want me to fuck you?”

There was three groans as I asked the question. Sage nodded and I slid off the bed and found my pants and pulled out a condom. I showed Sage how I put it on and he was so hard. His body was coiled tight as I strattled his body and slid his cock inside my tight hole. I was eager but Sage was pushing up inside me. “Easy. I’m not ready yet. She’ll be better but me, not so much.”

Sage nodded and as I adjusted to his girth. Sage was groaning. “So tight and so hot.”

I moved on Sage and he shuddered, his body pushing into mine as I met his body. Fuck! Sage shuddered inside of me and released his building orgasm.

Mia groaned, her hand was in Jace’s pants and his was in hers. But Sage was watching me. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Treat her right.”

Sage nodded as I slid off him and he reached for me. I grabbed his hand and held it to my chest. “I’m good Sage. I’ll give you a show later.” I l leaned on my elbow and looked at him. “You good?”

He nodded. “Better than I thought I’d be.”

I smiled as Mia and Jace both moaned out their orgasm next to us. “Just go slow with her okay, she’s waited this long for you she can wait till you can handle her touching you.”

Sage nodded. “I knew you’d understand.”