Vampire Den

The pull of the power outside had me walking down the street away from the party. Alone and in the dark. I felt like I was finally free – I didn’t have to put on airs that I was some happy-go-lucky guy with an open heart. I could be the empty shell I felt like. I’m sure Margo would have a lot to say about that.

I could hear her speaking to me in my head. “Why do you feel this way, Nox?”

“Because the guy in my dreams stood me up and never wants to see me again. And to top it off when I try to dream about him all I get is the fucking nightmare with blue eyes. He’s just torturing me now. And I never even told him about the dreams so what the fuck does that say about me.”

From behind me there was a voice. “It says you talk to yourself.”

I turned around and frowned, “Are you following me?”

He shook his head. “No, but there are vampires here complaining of powerful beings invading their home lands. And I had this strange feeling that you were about to do something stupid.”

“Stupid? Like go to a vampire den and let them feed off of me? Nah, never.” I scoffed at the idea I had actually be going to do and I turned back around and kept walking.

“You were happy the last time I saw you.” Ant said.

I nodded. “Last time you saw me I was full of hope that someone could want me for something other than my sperm or my blood, or something job to do.”

Ant side. “I’m not here because I want your blood.”

“No, you are here out of some preconceived notion I need your help.”

Ant laughed. It wasn’t the funny haha type laugh more the cynical one that said I right and that he wasn’t leaving.

“I can’t let you go into a den.”

“Why not?”

“What do you want Nox?” He asked me inches from my face. He was an inch taller and there was a slight looking up at him I didn’t remember.

“I just want to feel nothing.”

“And going to a den is going to do that?”

I shrugged. “Going to a den where a vampire can override my every emotion sounds like a plan.”

“You really want some strange vampire getting their hands on all that power Nox?”

“Why do I always have to do what’s right?” I know I sounded like a whiny little kid but I didn’t care.

Ant sighed. “Because that’s who you are. You are the kid who wants to save little ghost girls, who takes in a cat because she chose him, loves families that he would really love to hate.”

“How did you know about Ophelia?” I asked.

Ant shrugged. “I have moments where the auspex is clear and you are easy to read.”

I sighed. “Ant I need to drown in something.”

Ant took my elbow, “Come on.” He didn’t walk in the shadows, he took me to a subway station and while we waited for the train he let go of my arm. “I’m trusting you to stay with me.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I was intrigued.