Bedtime & Nightmares

I didn’t sneak back into the dorms. No I walked in like I would if I had just come from class. It was past curfew. But not by much. Not that I cared, the worst they could do was make me take another year of classes all over again. But no one really wanted me around so I didn’t really care. I wasn’t staying another year.

But it didn’t really matter, three other boys staggered in after me drunk as hell and patting themselves on the back. Ross, threw his arm around me as they passed and laughed. “We are done, Nox. No more fucking roommates.”

I grinned at Ross. He was drunk. “Yeah, work sounds like a whole lot of fun instead of goofing around in class.”

“You don’t goofy around.” Ross laughed. “Fucking nose in book. Fuck if I had Dae’lin Rivera as my teacher I’d probably do everything to stay on her good side.” He removed his arms from his friends and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I’d fuck her good and hard.”

I laughed. “She ever heard you say that I’m sure she’d fuck you up good and hard.”

He grinned. “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t if you had the chance.”

I shook my head. “There is no fucking way I’m putting my dick anywhere near her. She’s hot. But dude I like my parts to stay attached.”

Ross laughed and then pushed me away with a wink. “Ugh, stop hitting on me.”

He had to keep his cover Aaron was walking around in just his boxers and a baseball cap. I had the urge to flip the cap off his head and shove him into a wall when he bent over to pick it up, but I didn’t.

He smacked me across the head as I walked past him. I guess I was glad he didn’t try to trip me. My roommate was a royal asshole. Ross was alright, but he took up with Aaron more often than not. But he at least gave me some slack when Aaron wasn’t around.

I stripped down to boxers in our room and was sliding into bed when both Aaron and Ross came in. Aaron shifted his dresser an inch for old times sake and laughed. “That’s the last time I’m going to fix it.”

I could be a dip and put it back where it was straight against the wall but I didn’t care. I slide down under my blankets and I closed my eyes. I had to be up early and in the fishbowl by 8am. Not a big deal, but I was still going to have my nightmares, and then I’d be a huge mess. I might as well get it over with sooner rather than later.

The darkness came as it always does. I drifted in nothingness and I found myself drowning in the blackness. It was hard to breathe. The sound of water dripping, wicking up my jeans making them heavy until I couldn’t walk anymore. The wall came and I pressed my hands against it. It was solid, invisible because the darkness made everything nothing, but it was solid and warm to the touch. I hated the rough feeling against the palm. I didn’t close my eyes. Closing my eyes brought more pain. Just as not putting my hands on the wall before he got there.

The crickets had been chirping. The night birds were singing their eerie tales. The toads croaked. But as the eyes approached it all drew deathly quiet. The sound of dripping water was the only sound other than my ragged breathing.

I didn’t see the first tentacle of air but I felt it slice into my skin and I bit back my yelp of surprise by biting my bottom lip. I tasted that distinct coppery liquid as another landed on my back. Ice, air, earth, fire, all raining down on my back. One after the other. I wanted to scream. I wanted to howl in pain but I knew better. I knew doing so would only make it worse.

The eyes drew closer and closer and I could hear the whisper on the wind. “You are a monster. You aren’t worth anything. You are hopeless.” The eyes flared in front of me. “Spark.” and I fell backwards and landed wide awake in my bed. My back a bloody mess and my heart pounding in my chest.

It was the last night I had to hide the blood. It was the last night I would wake with the fear someone would see. It was the last night I had to wake in a room afraid one of them would continue the beating I had just received in my own head.