The Crime

We waited until another man walked in. “Nox, this is Captain Gerald. He’s going to show you this while I step out of the room and get you some coffee. How would you like it?”

“Black please.” I said.

“I’ll have two creams and a sugar.” Michaela added as Ricky left the room and then turned to the captain. “Plausible deniability?”

“Ricky’s a good cop, but it’s best if the official investigation is not present while we show you this footage. It might be used against them when they testify.”

“Testify?” I asked.

“You know what I mean, sir. Ms. Sétanta always understood.”

“I understand. I just didn’t want the strange getting out if you know what I mean.”

The captain nodded with a smile. “So we are all on the same page then.” He turned on the video on screen in front of us and there was man who basically grew in size to break through a door, then he shrank back down to mouse size. You could barely see him on the screens. He looked as though he miraculously appeared on the other side of the room. He lifted a painting and he and it shark and he ran off down the hall.”

“A shape shifter.” The man looked at me like I was crazy. “You saw it.”

“I don’t believe it.” he said.

“I’d hazard it’s a dragon from the shadows I’m seeing on the camera.”

Michaela leaned forward and played the video again. “I don’t see any shadows.”

I asked, “Did my mother know you were a tied to the occult Captain Gerald?”

He looked at me like I’d revealed his greatest secret and I probably had. “How…”

I smiled at him. “I see things a little differently that most people. I can see the sensitivity in you. Your grandmother was a practicing wicca, but your family doesn’t practice it.”

“How did you know that?” He and Michaela were both staring at me now.

“It was a guess. Maternal magic flows differently than paternal magic, and you aren’t practicing, and the aura around you is very dim so your mother never actually used it much either.”

“Nox?” Michaela asked. “Where did you learn this?”

I laughed. “Mich. I don’t just sit here and look pretty. I pay attention I ask questions. Unlike the Venatori, the other supernatural creatures like telling you about their powers. I like understanding them.” I shrugged.

The Captain looked at me, “So you see a dragon there?” He pointed to the screen.

“I see the shadow of a dragon. It shifts as he changes size. That’s how they conceal their true forms as a human. It’s shifted to a different plane, they leave a shadow of patterns behind.”

“And you got this all from what?” Michaela asked.

“There is a dragon who works the front desk of the AU building HQ. She collects pens. I asked her how she did what she did and she showed me.”

“Just like that?”

“It wasn’t easy.” I said. “I had to bribe her with a lot of different pens before she trusted me enough to show me.”

“Alright then Mr. Sétanta.”

I interrupted, “It’s just Nox.”

The Captain smiled at me. “Alright, Nox. I will leave it to you and your partner here to clean up this mess. Ricky will help you as he can but I expect this to be a clean case.”

I nodded. “Yes sir. One question, did you try facial recognition on the guy?”

“We can’t make anything out.”

I nodded. “If I drew you what I see could you run that?”

“We could if it was a human face.”

I grinned. “Can I have a sketchpad and pencil?”

The Captain left the room and Ricky brought us coffee and a sketchpad. Michaela watched me curiously as I sketched away at what I saw on screen.