Your Father

Dorian called me into his office. Which was better than being sent to his office. But it was nearing time for the Ad Aetatem and I was due my final testing as Magnus so it wasn’t quite unexpected when he had called me to in. But Dorian was called away as soon as I sat down in the chair opposite his desk. I fiddled with my cell phone, it was a brand new model my best friend, Sage set up so that I could do just about anything my laptop he gave me could and sometimes better. Both pieces of electronics Sage had purchased for me, and I was paying off with favors.

Dorian’s office was quiet except for the hum of his computer. It was like one of those 1990’s boxes with a huge ass screen and tubes. My cell phone was probably more powerful than that box underneath it. I was looking on the internet for my final in Modern day Myths. We had to determine which news articles were actual supernatural creature attacks. I was pretty good at this class. Our final was to find three articles in the news that were supernatural attacks or events.

I’d found two so far. I needed one more before the end of the day otherwise I’d not get that A Dae’lin so very much wanted for me.

Dorian came in to the office, I smelled the comforting scent of vanilla and cinnamon before he sat down and started tapping away on his keyboard with loud clacking noises. “How are your classes going?” Dorian asked without looking up.

“Good. Dae’lin’s happy my grades are staying top of the class even though I’ve enough points to graduate.” I said.

Dorian nodded. “You are top of your class Nox – valedictorian. Ready to give a speech?”

“What?” I croaked out. “No way, Dorian I don’t want to give a speech to a bunch of punk ass Venatori who treated me like shit my whole life.”

Dorian looked up at me and frowned, “But it’s your right. You’ve earned it. The only way is if your GPA suddenly changed at years end.”

Dorian looked down at his computer again. “I’m scheduling you in for your testing later this afternoon, when the others are doing the grand melee you were exempted from based on your prior results.”

“In other words they took pity on the half human kid who can’t take a punch?”

Dorian smiled. “He can take a punch, and he can lay out a kid faster than anyone I have ever seen. But they didn’t want the others to see your display of prowess with the elements as a means of cheating the system.”

“So instead they gave me a free pass. Like that won’t show favortism.”

“They never said you were exempt, Nox.” Dorian looked up at me again. “For all the students know you just don’t show up.”

“That’s even better, now I’m branded a coward.”

“Nothing ever makes you happy Nox.” Dorian smiled at me.

I grinned back at him. “I wouldn’t be me would I.”

Dorian rolled his eyes. “I called you in her to tell you something that I was sworn to secrecy on until this day?”

I snorted. “Don’t tell me I’m adopted.”

Dorian laughed but quickly righted himself. “Your father is Kai Viddens.”

“You are telling me that my father has been here the whole time and never once fucking cared to even say hi?”

Dorian sighed. “Nox, it’s not like that.”

“I fucking had dinner with him with your family.”

“Nox. Please sit down.” I hadn’t realized I had stood up but I headed for the door instead of sitting down.

Dorian’s sigh was loud. “I have also scheduled dinner at Lenard’s Fish Market with both your mother and father. It is required you meet with them. Both Dae’lin and I will assist in paying for the meal. Not showing could mean your don’t finish the Academy this year.”

I opened the door and shut it behind me. I wanted to slam the door but I didn’t. I knew better. I knew I’d end up in detention or worse – not finish this year. I stomped down the hallway to my next class.