Hotel Room

Henry grabbed the zipper of my hoodie and pulled me against me. The length of his body pressed against mine and I could feel the growing hard on in is jeans and groaned. Which only made the visceral reaction of us both all that more real. I pulled away from Henry with a grin and grabbed my bag, he grabbed his and we headed inside the hotel where he checked in.

We rode the elevator. I hated elevators but at least this one didn’t look down on the heights as we ascended into the heavens. I used it as an excuse to get close to him. I pressed him against the back wall and buried my face against his neck, taking deep breathes of his scent and drew my teeth along a tender spot. Henry bit back the moan that tried to escape as the doors opened to his floor.

Our things were hardly in the door before it closed behind us and Henry was kissing me hard and fast. I shed my shirt quickly and my pants were halfway down my legs when Henry pushed me onto the bed with a shy grin. “I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head. “I’m all yours.” He took my shoes and socks off and ran his fingers lightly over the soles of my feet and I squirmed a little. I was ticklish to a fault. But Henry didn’t play to it more much to my disappointment. He yanked my jeans and boxers from my body and admired me in the afternoon light.

My cock was straight up and watching him look at me made it jump. I waggled my index finger at him and he crawled on top of me, the hem of his shirt gliding against my hard body. I was so fucking hot for him. I didn’t want to wait. I grabbed his shirt and I pulled it over his head. He was ripped in comparison to me. I had muscle from working out but it was hard to get the build I wanted. I liked my lips and I pulled him down to kiss me. His breath caught as my tongue pushed into his mouth.

We were breathless when he pulled away. I grinned up at him. “In the side zipper of my bag is lube and condoms get them.”

Henry quickly obeyed while I pulled myself up on to the bed and watched as Henry shed his own clothes. I got a full look at his naked body and was more than eager to feel his hard flesh against mine.

When Henry came back he was blushing. “I…”

I smiled and took the condom and the lube from him an rolled him to the bottom. He was about to protest when I pressed my mouth to his and reached between us and grabbed his cock in my fist. His body arched and he groaned, “If you do that I’m going to come.”

I laughed. “I know, that’s the point.”

“I thought…”

I pressed another hard long kiss to his lips, he opened for me willingly and I pushed my tongue deep inside. I deftly tore the condom package with two hands while I kissed the boy below me deep. His moans groaning deeper and his body shaking with desire. I pulled away and sat back on his legs as I slid the condom over his cock and applied lube to it. I should have prepared a little, it’d been a while, but not so long that my body had forgotten.

Henry’s cock twitched in my hand as I positioned myself over him and pressed his hard cock against my hole. The burn and pull and the glorious filling of him inside of me. I threw my head back and sank deeper on to his cock. Henry’s head was tilted back and I sucked on his neck. He pressed up inside of me with a hard push and I bit his neck in response before I lifted myself from him slowly.

I set the pace slow and steady. But Henry begged, “Please more. Harder.” And then he whispered, “Faster.” All in the span of one breath before I obeyed him. My cock was leaking and I knew Henry was close. Sweat ran down my body as I fucked Henry. His hands on my hips guiding me up and down were digging into my flesh leaving small crescents in my skin. Henry groaned, “I’m gonna come.”

And there was little warning before he spilled inside of me and I let myself go spattering our bodies with my own load. Henry looked at me as I kept riding him through his orgasm and my own before I collapsed to the side of him.

Henry rolled on to his side and pressed a lazy kiss to my lips. “Holy!”