Family Matters

Iris gave me the details that she new. The biggest worry was they were pretty sure Kai had been bitten by a vampire. I rushed up but not before I was calling Sage. Hacker boy wouldn’t pick up the goddamn phone. He was probably getting busy with his girlfriend before going out. Or already at the club. Either way busy.

I managed to get a hold of Mia. Jace answered though, “Yo. Nox. What up?”

“Is Mia there?”

“She’s in the bathroom bro, this morning sickness thing is killing her.”

“Sorry to hear that. I’m going to be late, like probably not show up late. Tell Mia to go to Aspect and find him. He’ll be wearing a comic book hero t-shirt, blue eyes, my height, your build. She should be able to find him.”

Jace laughed, “You really think this dream guy of yours is real?” He laughed again. “Why are you going to be late? If I can ask.”

“My dad’s been hurt, I have to go see him.” I said quickly.

Jace’s voice fell. “Oh. Alright. Yeah I can do that for you.”

“Thanks.” I said and then hung up the phone and prayed to the fucking heavens that Jace didn’t fuck things up.

I pocketed my cell phone and ran the rest of the stairs with ease, going down was easy, jumping whole flights of stairs was faster for me than taking the elevator.

I found Irish who was pacing outside of a room alone. “Is no one else here?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Dad’s hurt, Nox.”

“I need to see him.”

“What? They aren’t going to let you in.”

“He’s my father, why not?”

“Because they are trying to save him. He got bit by a vampire.”

I sighed and turned my attention on the door, it was locked of course. I pounded on the door. “Let me in, goddammit.” I shouted but knew they couldn’t hear me.

Emilio was there in the next few minutes. “Nox, son, there is nothing you can do about it.” I looked at the man who had often taken me into his house for a meal with Dorain.

“I can. Please, Mr. Vega, let me go inside.”

He smirked, it reminded me of Dorian. “You know how to get in I imagine.” He said.

I sighed, “I…” I looked at the locked door and woke air from and found the latch and undid it.

Emilio Vega chuckled. “Dorian always said that a locked door was never hard for you to get past. He was thankful he could rune lock you out.”

I laughed, “I only walked in on him once.” I said.

“Once was more than enough when he was hiding what he was doing.”

I rolled my eyes. “I always knew he was gay, sir. Seeing him naked was more traumatic than that.”

“For both of you I suspect. Go…” He shoved me in the door, “Your insistence remember.”

I pushed opened the door and used air to push the people away so I could see my father clearly. There were a lot of shouting and yelling that he was going to die. I found the bit on my father’s neck. It wasn’t healing like it should but his healing was the reason he hadn’t bleed out yet. The tear in his neck looked as though a chuck were missing. I shoved all the elements into it. The bleeding stopped.

I fucking hoped this worked.

We all stood there. I’d dropped the air that held the others away. I’d done what I’d planned on doing. They all stood there staring.

Once nurse was staring at the vitals. “He’s stabilizing” The doctors all turned to me. “What did you do?”

I shrugged. “I’m just plugging the wound. Stuffing it full of raw energy. My gift.”

They looked at me like I was crazy. One of the men closer to my father looked down. “Look, you can see the cells healing – repairing themselves. This isn’t possible.”

Then every eye was on me. One man grabbed my elbow – the doctor I presumed dragged me by my elbow into another room. I jerked my arm from his grip when we were in the room and he practically shoved me to the other side. He demanded, “What did you do?”

I spent the next two hours answering their questions. They didn’t believe me. I’d convince one doctor, one researcher, one nurse, one of everyone and no one believed me. They had to get verification from someone else.

By the time I got back to my room I was dead on my feet. I flopped in bed. Ophelia curled up on my chest and I was out. I remember trying to call for my dream guy but the next thing I knew I was being dragged into the nightmare.