Birthday Visitors

I got a phone call, it was half past six by my account and I answered the phone. “What?” I knew I sounded grumpy but I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I wanted to get wasted, and high but I kept myself locked in my room instead. I wanted to see him so badly but anytime I tried the nightmares came and I was losing my mind.

A familiar voice sounded on the other end. “Hey Nox. You think you could open the door? Mr. Dorian said if we knocked we’d get shocked.”

I willed the door open but I didn’t move from the corner I was sitting in on the other side of my bed. Ophelia meowed and jumped on my shoulder which drew their eyes to me. I saw the boys, and Jesse standing in the door.

And in the next heart beat the boys were sitting next to me and leaning their heads on my shoulder. Jesse shut the door behind him and turned on the light above the sink and started washing the dishes. Ophelia disengaged from me and jumped up on the counter to watch, she hoped for food – real food.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Rider smiled up at me, “Mr. Dorian said you’d been having a rough time, so we came to help cheer you up.”

I gave my half brother a half smile and he and Laker both giggled. “This place is weird.” Laker added.

I nodded, “Takes a little while to get used to.”

The boys and I chatted while Jesse made food. I don’t know what he was making but it smelled good. My stomach rumbled.

He set plates up and I managed to stand up with the boys still attached to me. “Put a plate out for Ophelia too. Just the meat.” I said and I carried the boys to the couch and dropped them on one side of the L shaped peice of furniture. They were a fit of giggles when I came back and put a plate in front of them.

Laker laughed, “You have no TV. What do you do all day?”

I shrugged. “I think Sage put Netflix on my laptop.” I grabbed the laptop from the counter with a weave of air and set it down on the table and Rider was the first on it and scrolling through things finding what he was looking for before you know it.

The next few hours, we watched several movies and tv shows the boys thought I had to watch but they fell asleep resting against me. I was nodding off when Jesse tapped my foot with his. “I’m going to leave the boys here with you. Mr. Vega said you needed someone to keep your mind off things and they seem to be helping you. So I’ll be back in the morning to cook some breakfast.”

I nodded and while he was getting up I set the door to recognize him. “You should be able to just come on in when you get here.”

Jesse looked at me and then at the door which was glowing an odd blue as the magic faded. “That’s some lock.”

I nodded as I leaned my head against the back of the couch and let myself drift to sleep. I prayed for blackness… Nothing but the dark.