School is about to start for Laker and Rider. And Nick and Henry. They hit it off, and were still together two months in. Nick still hadn’t told Henry what he was. I’m not sure I could manage to hide it from my boyfriend for long. Stamina was one thing, but the strength, something else. But they were working so that was great.

I was spending a lot of time with Ant and Ryan. They were in New York City, or rather if I asked for them they shadow walked here from wherever they were. It was all sparring. Sometimes it was just chilling out.

My friends were all paired off now. Mia and Jace were busy with a baby. Sage and Dee were planning a wedding. We got together once and that was for Naya’s birth. She was such a sweet little thing. I was already in love with that sweet little face. Mia promised me I could babysit any time I wanted.

And I had actually taken her up on the offer once. I won’t do it again until Naya can pee like a normal human – diapers suck!

I was regularly seeing Margo and she was the only person I discussed my problems with. As far as everyone else was concerned. I had moved on, fuck I even had a boyfriend for all of 2 weeks.

I’d met Dan on the street outside Bonnie’s. He ran into me. Gorgeous blue eyes were the first thing I saw when he looked up at me. They weren’t the right blue, more gray than anything. But he had a nice smile. He apologized for spilling my coffee and then asked me out on a date. He said, and I quote, “You look like the kinda guy who would like some Italian. I know this great place, let me buy you dinner.”

He took me to Marco’s restaurant. Marco comped him and that was probably the end of what might have been a good relationship. From then on out he assumed I’d pay for everything. I’d be in charge.

He was a good fuck. Which had Margo rolling her eyes at the detail I went into. But she understood why I had. Dan was a dominant, but he took advantage of the fact I listened so well. He pushed my buttons and my limits and in 2 weeks both Ant and Margo were on the side of saying adios.

He tried to manipulate me into staying. But I don’t know. I grew a set of balls. I knew what I wanted. He bitched about that too. “Now you get a set. Asshole.”

It had left me feeling a little hollow inside again. But I had asked Ant to take me to the beach. There was something about it that drew me to it. I don’t know what. But it felt right. Ant and I ran the length of the beach that night. Under the stars, listening to each other breath and the waves crash against the shore.

I freaked out a lot about the sand. Ant laughed at me. “Just make it go away with water and air. Or better yet call it from your body with earth and make a pane of glass or something.”

I did the latter, and for each time I went for a run in the sand I did the same thing. Lately, that seems to be what I do when I’m feeling stressed. Talking about it helps, and Margo’s great for that. But I think it’s Ant who’s helping me keep my head on straight.

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  1. “I won’t do it again until Naya can pee like a normal human – diapers suck!”. :lol: Just the mental image of Nox having to change a diaper. Just so much :lol:

    For the record, I love that picture of the starry sky. So peaceful and pretty. :)

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    1. Changing diapers sucks. AJ says thanks

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      1. :lol: You’re welcome!

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      2. What is confusing you?


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