Horror Shows

Michaela and I walked through the woods around the property trying to find the last location or even the little girl’s possession. But we didn’t find anything. Only places she had been over the course of the past few days. The soundless woods was eerie and sent a shiver down my spine just as a scream rose above the winds and both Micheala and I were off towards the house in a heart beat.

I could never fault the Venatori for their speed or their diligence to duty. Michaela reached the door many seconds before I came up behind her. The back door was cracked open and there was silence. Scary movie silence. The kind of silence that makes most people turn around and walk away. But we kept moving, Michaela went first. She pushed the door open and stopped. I ran into the back of her but my height allowed me to see what she saw. The reason she had stopped.

Lying on the floor in a pool of congealing blood lay Mr. Foster. Stab wounds littered his heart. Michaela sighed, “You were right.”

“I wish I wasn’t.” I said as I stepped around her careful of the blood on the floor as it expanded outward the more that poured from the dead man’s body. The ghost was still here. Michaela went one way and I went the other through the house.

The floorboards creaked underneath me. And I could hear the house shifting in the breeze outside. The house was old, dry and brittle, a single flame could ignite the whole place quickly.

My thoughts drifted until I saw a girl hovering over a form on the floor. “Ruby?” I asked in a quiet voice. The little girl looked at me. There was blood splattered over her pale skin. Her eyes stared back at me like dead pools of quicksilver. There was no life in her eyes.

The woman on the floor cried out. “That’s not Ruby it’s some maniac.” And in that moment the little girl turned back to Ms. Flint and the knife came down in a rain of might but I wrapped a weave of air around the girl and yanked her away from the woman. The knife grazed the woman’s forearm and she yowled in pain. I

I threw the girl to the other side of the room and stood between her and the fallen woman. “Ruby. It’s alright. You got him. She’ll go to jail for covering it up. I promise you.”

But there was no recognition in the eyes that stared back at me. Just death. The little girl lunged at me at a speed I didn’t think human’s possessed. Her knife caught my cheek as I dodged away. I reached across the small distance and grabbed the poor girls head and twisted as she flew past me. The snap was audible as was the silence that followed.

The now lifeless body of a small girl hung in my hands.

I laid her down and sighed.

Michaela strode through the room and patted my back as I knelt over the body.

I turned to look at the human survivor and I frowned, “Who is she? You seem to know her?”

Rhonda Flint glared at me. She wasn’t going to speak. I stood up and stalked over to her. I knelt down. “You think she was scary, wait until you see what I can do. Who. was. she?” I asked one last time.

“Avis. Her name is Avis. He… He…” Ms. Flint’s body went limp with defeat. “He raped them both.”

“You will right this wrong. This house is going up in smoke. You will go to the hospital, tell them you got hurt trying to save Avis from him. So what happened to Ruby didn’t happen to her. This is the only lie you will tell.” I wove a ball of fire and lighting above my head and I watched as her eyes grew large. “You will do this or I will find you, and I will finish what Ruby started. You are as much of a monster as the ghost killing those who hurt her in her human life. And you made me kill her all over again. So thank you for that.”

Rhonda Flint nodded her head. “Of course. Yes. I will only tell the one lie… I will tell the truth. But you were never here. Just us three. I… I know what to do. Don’t hurt me.”

I stood up and backed away and waved for her to leave. She scurried on all fours until she was far enough away from me. She stood up and ran. Good she was afraid.

I looked back at Michaela. There was no smile, no sign of happy or sad or any emotion what-so-ever. The job was done. I was pretty sure once we were on the road again I was going to get a berating. But the job was done, and a wrong was righted.