Dumpy Hotel

Michaela drove until lunch and then I took over for a few hours. The small talk was mostly centered around the Rocky Mountains, and the job Michaela was doing. I found it interesting on that seeing how things in the real world worked. In New York things were different. HQ and all. But we were traveling 3 days to get to where we were going just so we could follow a single lead.

We stopped at a dumpy motel with a blinking neon vacancy light. Michaela was checking us in. While I stood outside the Jeep we’d borrowed from HQ to take out and about. It was a newer model. Not that it mattered as long as it ran.

Michaela came out and tossed me a slide card. “There’s only one non-smoking room left. You mind sharing?”

I shrugged. “I’ve shared rooms for all my life. I think another year isn’t going to bother me.”

Michaela nodded and grabbed her bag, and I grabbed mine. The rest would remain in the Jeep under lock and key and lo-jacked just in case someone decided to walk off with shit.

I followed the short brunette to our room on the first floor and she opened the door and stepped in and sighed. I glanced around and saw only one bed and no couch. “I’ll sleep on the floor if you can’t share a bed.”

She looked at me and smirked. “Can you be a gentleman?”

I shook my head. “Never. But I can behave.”

Michaela nodded. “I got this side.” She dropped her bag on the side closest to the door. It was the side I would have chosen but I’ll have to deal. Just another thing to adjust to I guess. She started taking off her shirt and heading towards the small bathroom. I stood staring, my mouth open. “I’m going to grab a shower.” Michaela said as she closed the door behind her.

I wasn’t exactly shy, and that was something I would do.

But I didn’t hesitate to get comfortable now that I was mostly alone. Shorts and a tank top for sleeping. The edges of my scars peaked out from shoulders. I could hide them. But that was too much effort and if I was spending a year with her she would find out sooner or later. I wasn’t that good at remembering.

I was lounging on my side of the bed with a book. I’d read it several times. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was good. And it wasn’t one that Mia forced me to read. Sparkly vampires, I shuddered.

The door opened and Michaela walked out drying her hair with a white fluffy towel but was otherwise completely naked. Her brown hair matched her curtains and she had all the right curves. I couldn’t help but stare. I’d seen more than enough women naked, but never so brazen.

My eyes finally met hers and she was smirking. She did a little spin with a sashay around the room and ran her fingers down her body in such an alluring way I was more than happy to keep watching the show. I licked my lips and watched as Michaela’s hands touched the bed and she crawled across the bed to me.

“Fuck!” slipped from my mouth as I watched her seduce me.

“You really are easy aren’t you, Nox?”

“You have no fucking idea.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. But Michaela was more sure of the situation as she took my book from my hands careful not to lose my place. I was about to tell her it was okay to lose the spot but as she reached across to put the book on the table next to me her lips touched mine. They were soft and warm and wet and her tongue was in my mouth before I knew it.

My hands found her skin as she straddled my lap and rubbed her naked body against my shorts. “Too many clothes, Nox.”

I reached my hem and pulled my shirt over my head and then flipped her on to her back next to me. I pressed my body on top of hers and she moaned.

I stood up and pulled the remained or my clothes off and went for my bag. Michaela cleared her throat and I looked at her. Her fingers were running down her body and finding all the warm wet places I wanted to do myself. “We are both adults here. I can’t get you sick.”

I sighed. “But…” I could feel the anxiety starting to ruse as she waggled her finger at me.

“What happens happens Nox.” She said. I let that finger pull me towards her without a condom against my better judgement. I wasn’t ready to do the whole parent thing. She wasn’t either, but… I didn’t get to finish my thought before she was pulling me down on top of her and reaching between us to grab my cock.

“Don’t worry about it Nox.” She bit my neck and I groaned. Her voice was heavy with desire, “Fuck me Nox.”

I didn’t need a second invitation.