Dark Delights

The feel of his mouth on my body. His fingers gliding over my muscles. I could feel his cock brust against me as he lay next to me sucking on my neck while his hand roamed my chest and legs. He wasn’t being nearly as through as I had been. But I was grateful for even that touch.

My mind melted away with each caress. The darkness wasn’t scary for the first time in my life. I squirmed as he ran his fingers over my ribs catching one of the ticklish spots with a gentle caress. I could hear the smile on his face as I moved away from him. “Hold still.”

There was no hint of command or even any idea what he’d just done. My body went still, my cock was the only thing jumping but I had no control over it as his hands roamed down closer.

There was a long groan from his throat as he pressed his hard hot cock against my hip. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

I groaned at his words. My reaction had him on top of me. The full weight of his body on top of me. Our cocks pressed tightly between us. “Or do you want it nice a slow?”

I groaned. “Fuck me.” I choked out. I could barely breathe. His weight and my own desire.

He didn’t need a second invitation as he sat back and spread my legs around him. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole and the burn of him pushing inside. The stretch. “Fuuuuuccck.” I groaned as he bottomed out.

I was so close, so fucking close. The lack of sight had not only heightened the senses but had made it fucking hotter. My body shuddered underneath him as he moved harder and faster with each thrust. His pace grew erratic and he was groaning out his pleasure. I let myself go, let the pressure ride as he came inside of me. I release my load against my own stomach he collapsed half on top of me and half on the bed. I was spent. Drained of all energy. The scent of home drifting through my nose mingled with the pungent odor of sex. It was wonderful. He was wonderful. “Holy fuck.” I said.

He chuckled as he pulled me against his side and I rested my head on his shoulder. He was warm and comfortable. I wished he was real. Wished with all my power that he was real. But I knew better. Only my nightmares were real. Only the horrible darkness was real. The pain the anguish. My happiness could never be real.

And just like that a glorious moment faded into the darkness of my mind. But he was still here. I was still here, my fingers trailing along his chest as we came down from the height of our climax.

I was drifting in my own mind lost in my darkness when he spoke. He sounded so far away. “Where you at?”

I shrugged. “Lost in my head.”

There was an audible smirk. “No I mean in the real world.”

“Nowhere special.” I said as I continued to drift.

“Does it the place have a name, a street address?”

“Yeah.” I said a little confused by the questions.

“Well, what is it?”

A song started playing in the background. It took a few lines before it actually registered. “I’ll be watching you.” the ringtone cooed, Sage was calling.

I sighed. “I have to go. My friend is calling”

“Tell me where you are before you go?” It was more command than he ended. “Please, let me come to you.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about. Dazed and confused I told him, “A small community outside of Ward, Colorado.” I sat up and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I have to go.” And then I was lying in my bed fully clothed with a book pressed against my chest and drool soaking my pillow. I grabbed my phone on the nightstand, “You had to call right now? Fuck Sage you messed up a totally awesome sex dream.”