Cleaning Up

Henry pressed harder. “Do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head. “You can go as far as you want.”

His hand moved to the snap on my jeans and the zipper and soon his warm hand found my hard cock. His hand was cold and I groaned.

Henry stared straight ahead but his hand was rubbing his own cock. I leaned closer to him and whispered, “Would you like me to help you out?”

“I…” He nodded unable to think.

I reached across the arm rest and snuck my hand down his shorts and he moaned when my long fingers wrapped around his cock. “You are so hot and so hard.” Henry moaned again and he shuddered and I felt the warmth of his load over my hand. I ran my fingers over his slit and kept stroking him while he bit back his pleasure.

Henry finished with a gasp, “Holy.”

I smirked and pulled his hand out my pants and squeezed him. “Go clean up.”

He looked at me, “But you didn’t…”

I grinned at him. “Henry, we have plenty of time for me. Go clean up.”

Henry skirted past me I looked up at him with a grin, he licked his lips. “I …”

“Go clean up.”

I watched him walk down the aisle. He had a nice ass, fucking fine legs. The bathroom in front of us the door opened and a stewardess straightened her skirt and shimmied around Henry then past me. I wove a little water and air and soon my hand was neat and tidy and a quick flash fire it was all gone. Nothing left to see here.

Henry walked to the door and a man walked out. He looked at Henry like he was prey and a smirk on his face. I noticed he had bright blue eyes and dark hair underneath a Rangers cap. Something tugged at me as I looked at him, but it was gone just as quickly as he turned back to first class. Henry slipped inside the once double occupied restroom reminding me I needed to zip up myself. I readjusted myself and made my self presentable then I focused on my music while we kept our course. There was a little bump in the plane and my heart went through my chest I was sure that Henry’s would be too. But the fasten seat belt was on again. I grabbed the stewardess’s hand as she walked by. “Ma’am. My friend is in the bathroom, he’s afraid of flying.”

She nodded and hurried to the restroom Henry was in and spoke through the door. He managed to unlock the door and soon he was sitting back in his chair. “I…”

I took his hand and put it on the hand rest. “We can do this, and then when we get to your hotel room, I’ll show you exactly what I’m good at.”