Trip to the City

We got a call. Rather I got a call from a hunter in Denver. Charlie called me from the front desk. “Hey Nox. I got a phone call for you. Asked for you by name.”

A call was unusual but by name even more so. “Hello?” I answered it.

A familiar voice answered back. “Hey Nox.”

Tho the voice was familiar I don’t know who it was. “Hi. What can I do for you?” I hoped my voice didn’t concert they confusion I actually held.

“Yeah. My name is Ricky. Jesse is my brother. He told me that you might be able to help me with something here in Denver. I got this case and it’s turning out weird. Jesse says you handle weird. Normally I wouldn’t call in a pi but in this case I trust my brother. That wife of his sure will be missed.”

That last statement was such a blow to my happiness. I felt it all draining away. My mysterious dream guy still want taking away the saying that my mother was dead on my watch. “Mich and I will be there in a few hours.”

He thanked me repeatedly as he gave me directions and an address. He was a cop in the city proper. He didn’t go into details just said it was weird. And since my mother might have handled it. I went with out question. Mich didn’t say anything when I told her what we were doing. We’ll that isn’t true either she said you are in point. It wasn’t the first time but it was the first time she’s let it up so easily.

Much drove to the precinct. We chatted but since my dream guy was real out relationship became stained. Much claimed to want no strings and now that it really was only about the sex she was slightly disappointed. Tho she was still eager to bed me whenever I was in the mood. She was not happy about the amount either. But I was don’t more often than not. And I was having second thoughts about having kids with a woman who didn’t want me in the picture too.

Alot was changing. I was changing. Maybe not for the better or the worst but changing. Maybe that’s what being an adult was all about.

We got to the precinct and were out of the Jeep when a man in a blue uniform walked towards us. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but the man looked like he had a few more years on Jesse and a few more pounds too. I thought of a cop sitting in a donut shop pounding away coffee and glazed donuts while waiting.

I must have snickered because Michaela elbows me and muttered, “Be nice.” under her breath.

I offered my hand, “You must be Ricky.”

He shook my hand and nodded. “You are the spitting image of your mother.”

I blinked at him. It was the first time anyone had told me I looked like my mother. Michaela smirked but took my elbow as we followed him into the building. “I don’t usually hire PIs to look at things like this. I told you that on the phone, so we’d appreciate discretion on this.”

“We understand.” I said still a little dazed from the comment about my mother.

Ricky took us through to a room with a small TV in it. The room itself was windowless and there were cameras that I could tell were off. The patterns of electricity didn’t flow the same when a device was off. It was how I knew Sage was a Technopath when I met him. Well after I’d met him when I understood things like that. At 10 I really didn’t understand a whole lot.

Ricky sat us down and we waited in silence.