Following Flint

I had to actually track Michaela down. She’d followed Ms. Flint to the dinner a few blocks from her office. It wasn’t so hard tracking Michaela I knew what she smelled like. It was like a hound dog tracking prey through the forest picking out the scent and following it. It was never easy in a city like area where mass people lived, but the one thing about being me that everyone envied was my ability to track. It was patterns but it was also the heightened sense of smell. One of the few things that I got for being Venatori, super senses and fast healing. At least my Venatori genes were good for something other than headaches.

I found Michaela sitting in a booth nursing a coffee and waiting on her steak and eggs that had arrived as I sat down. She grinned at me and leaned forward in a quiet whisper, “What did you find out?”

“He’s been hearing noises outside. And there were rumors so was Ralph before he left for Denver.”

“So sounds like the ghost is hunting him too.” Michaela agreed.

“Typical scenario.” I nodded.

“So how do you kill a ghost?” Michaela asked like we were sitting in class learning.

“Why do we have to kill it? Exorcising it is just as easy.”

“And then it’ll come back and kill again.”

I shrugged. “Not necessarily. If the unfinished business is done, then there should be no reason to come back.”

“What unfinished business?”

I sighed. “You don’t beleive ghosts come to finish things?”

Michaela shook her head as she pushed a coffee at me. “Your’s. No. They just seek mayhem.”

“My case right?”

Michaela looked at me across the table. Her big brown eyes taking me in, accessing me. For what I didn’t know but she gave a slight nod. “Yes. But if you get me dead I’m going to haunt you.”

I nodded. “Fair enough. Did you find anything out about Ms. Flint.” Michaela grinned and nodded in our marks direction.

Ms. Flint was meeting with Mr. Foster and they looked more friendly than I had expected. He was leaning forwards whispering so I let my senses go so I could listen to their conversation. “A kid was looking into Ralph’s murder. Was asking all sorts of questions.” He whispered.

“That’s why I called you, Ms. Dorthea at the library said a bunch of kids was nosin’ around the wood deaths.”

“You think they know?” He asked.

“They can’t Ruby’s the only one who knows the truth ‘sides you and she’s been dead six years.” Rhonda Flint spoke quietly wringing her hands on her skirt.

“You know. And Ralphie knew. Maggie found out, so coulda someone else.” He said.

I’d been right. I hated being right. These people deserved to die. I was tempted to let Ruby take care of her work and then exorcise her and let her leave this world knowing they’d never hurt anyone again.

But that wasn’t the Venatori way. That wasn’t what I was trained to do. Preserve human life above all else. Even if they were shit holes who deserved it. No one could know ghosts exist. No one could know I exist. I sighed and got up dropping some cash on the table to cover the coffee and Michaela’s food.

She didn’t follow me right away but I knew she’d join me sooner rather than later.