How It’s Always Been

Ant and I spent a great deal of my nights talking for the next week or so. But we didn’t just talk. Ant liked to sit down and play video games when none of the others were looking so that’s what he did part of the time too. He liked to play fighting games and shoot em up games. I joined him for a few rounds. But I sucked, even though I had played several of the games with Sage over the last few years. “I can do so much better than this in real life.” I sighed.

Ant cocked his head and laughed. “Oh yeah?”

Which lead to our nightly sparring matches – no holds barred but no killing allowed. I didn’t come back to life.

Two weeks I stayed in the Giovanni estate, I learned a lot about vampires. I learned even more about Ant and his mother. I learned how to fight against one of the best trained warriors in the world. Vampire speed aside, Ant had been fighting for 800 years or more. I was getting a lot of good tips and pointers.

Ant feed from me nearly every day. The lust and the desire never lessened, but I had learned to distinguish that from reality. Sadly my dream guy didn’t show at all he must be busy, or avoiding me. Though I couldn’t fathom why we were getting so close to my birthday.

But I was busy most nights learning about vampires. We just didn’t stay in though, Ant took me out patrolling the city with him. We walked though he said he walked through the shadows. We went to Frozen and stayed hidden. Ant said I had to control my power output and he taught me how to reign it in, hide how much power I had.

It was a little more difficult than my shields but it was easy enough to hide once I figured it out. I didn’t disrupt Frozen nearly as much. This was probably the first time in my life I went to a club without the express purpose of dancing and getting laid. It was teaming with vampire lore to learn. And I learned a lot.

When Cari returned Ryan joined Ant and I. It was like we’d been friends forever. They had a lot of inside jokes and they explained them the best they could, but you had to be there, and Ant and Ryan shared a sort of bond that was more than brother, more than best friends. I’d go out on a limb and say they were lovers, but I knew for a fact neither of them liked men to any degree. I mean I could probably persuade either of them, but it wasn’t really something I wanted to try. And they included me in their comradery like I belonged there. I was half tempted to stay longer, but my birthday drew near and I had an appointment to keep. One that made me both excited and nervous.

I didn’t see much of Jack, he didn’t like to be social. At least not in person, but he did pay me a visit the morning before I left. “Sorry to bother you in the dead of the morning.”

I smirked, “Because vampires are dead in the morning?”

He grinned. “Yeah. I mean the dead of night? really the dead walk the night, so yeah, dead of the morning. I was wondering if you could do me a solid.”

I cocked my head at him. “Chaperone us.”


Jack came in and whispered, “Cari’s starving, but everyone else is asleep. Anyone strong enough anyway. Ry, Ant, and Cari is hungry.”

“You want me to watch while she feeds on you?”

Jack smiled. “And maybe more…” He winked at me. “Please?” he begged.

“What do I have to do?”

“Just separate us if I’m about to die.”


“You’ll understand. Please, Sage said you liked to watch.”

“He likes to watch, I just go with it.” I said.


I nodded. “Fine.”

And I watched as Cari fed on Jack. I really didn’t want to think about it. It was borderline torture if you ask me, and I’m not one to shriek at pain, I like it myself too, but not to the degree Jack did. And Cari well she enjoys inflicting pain. Blood lust and all that. I had learned a lot before I left. And this only topped it all off.

I had waited until Ant woke up before I left. He heard through the grape vine what I’d done for Cari and Jack. He didn’t explain, the usual protocol they had, Jack had done that extensively afterwards.

I fed Ant one more time before I left. It left us feeling dazed and I actually enjoyed the cool night air against my skin. Cooler anyway, near July was not cool by my normal standards.

And the farther away I got from Dangdburg the better I felt. But there was a certain longing for friends left behind.