That night we stopped at 7:30 grabbed food and I was able to decompress with some yoga which Michaela sat and watched and I tried my best not to notice her eyes watching me bed. But she stayed quiet until I was rolling up my mat. I thought I was a typical teenage boy with teenage appetites for sex, but what I didn’t realize that some women when presented with the opportunity became little more than twelve year old boys too. Michaela’s words created the reaction she wanted and she handed me a condom and gave me a knowing smile. I couldn’t resist a willing partner. So decompression and sex and I slept as best as I could.

My nightmares had been the usual. And I started awake lying with my back to my bed mate. There was no point in double expenditures when we could easily share a bed while on the road. We’d talked a little about that in the afterglow of sex.

If this was going to be my life for the next year I think I could manage it. Michaela said it was just sex. It was all about the pleasure and the relaxation. She confessed to relieving herself every night but this was so much better.

4am yoga, shower and at 7 we had breakfast and by 8 we were back on the road. We’d arrive in the small town we were heading to by mid day. Plenty of time when we got there to try to talk to people who knew the victim. I drove this morning. It wasn’t my turn, but we were in the mountains. No major traffic and I could think and drive at the same time. Michaela had on a headset and her walkman was running. It was funny seeing an 80s thing so well taken care of. But then the Venatori were very hard pressed to change. Technology was hardly embraced.

I’d learned how to type from Sage. I had learned about computers and cell phones from Sage. My hacker friend taught me the uses of it. And if I needed to get information that wasn’t exactly easy to get he could get it for me. He’d done far worse and never gotten caught. He was just that sort of kid. My moral compass was a little off, his more so. It made me wonder about Mia’s.