Driving is Boring

I slept most of the morning away after Michaela said her good-byes. The sex was extraordinary, I think she was giving it her all trying for whatever it was she was trying for. Wasting a drop was not something Mich wanted to do. I hope she at least had fun while she used me. I wasn’t sure I was quite happy with the situation. If she got pregnant and didn’t tell me afterwards I think I’d be pretty peeved. But I’d also heard that Mich had requested another hot looking young man who was a first time hunter in his family.

She was vying for the best sperm this side of the rockies I guessed. I felt a little used but I was almost 20 now so I really didn’t care. Fuck I was saying good-bye to my teens too. The thought of my birthday looming was exciting and daunting. I still had a long ways to go before I was home though.

There was no fucking way I was going to fly if I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to be anywhere until I reported into New York City HQ. I’d given Mich my plan. Told her I was going to hunt Il Cane. She laughed at me. But I had an advantage, I had Jack. Not that I knew how to find Jack, but I knew how to find the scariest fucking vampire. You went were the vampires were misbehaving the most. So I’d done my research these past few weeks leading up to my dismissal from Michaela. I was making my way down into Texas and over into Louisiana where I was going to be hunting down a nest of vampires who hopefully would be also being taken care of by the illustrious vampire assassin.

Michaela laughed at me. “The fastest to know the name, and the stupidest because he actually is going to hunt her”. She said.

I just grinned at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for takin care of me, Mich.”

She hugged me and I was off in a Venatori supplied car. It wasn’t the Jeep I’d been driving. Much more economical and highway easy and something that the mountaineers wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

Leaving Ward, Colorado was a difficult thing. I stopped by my mother’s place and said good-bye to Jesse. The boys were in school. I told him I’d call them when I stopped for the night. I gave him a precise time. “I’ll call by 8pm that work for them?”

“Yeah, I can let them stay up a little past that to speak to you. But not much later.” He said.

I nodded. “Yes, sir. I’ll call by 8, even if I have to pull over on the side of the road to do so.”

“Be safe. You’ll always be welcome back here. You’re momma woulda wanted it that way.”

I nodded trying not to think about what my mom would actually want. She still thought me a monster. She died thinking that. I wasn’t proud of myself, I should have stood up to her, but it was like Garrett. Whenever I saw him, I couldn’t manage to be more than a 5 year old boy.

The greatest thing about new cars these days they were equipped with bluetooth and I could stream my music straight to the speakers. I never once lost a station – never once had commercials. It was great.

Boulder to Denver so I could say my good-byes to Ricky. He was a good cop, told him Mich would be available. He patted me on the back and told me that it was going to be strange not having a Sétanta to call on. It was probably the first time in my life I’d been proud to be my mother’s son. Her only heir by name. The last living member of her line to carry on. And likely to be the last male heir to the name.

From Denver I was gonna drive for about 8 hours only. there was no need to be messed up driving, I hated it and I didn’t have to be anywhere quickly. So no more than 8 or so hours on the road. I figured that was going to be me to somewhere in Texas before I hit Dallas.

From there I’d hit The town outside of Shreveport, Louisiana and I’d go hunting a nest of nasty vampires who were making trouble like because they thought True Blood was real. Idiots!