The Phone Call

The dream I had stayed with for a long time. Even after fucking Mich I still had him in my thoughts. My dream guy. The idea that he’d asked where I was made me wonder though. I remember it almost as clearly as the dream itself. The most vivid dream I had ever had.

I hadn’t remembered a dream since then other than might nightmares.

Months passed with hunts, training, sex and all manor of monsters. But mostly we dealt with animals. Mountain lions, bears, that sort of thing. Mich would get a call and then we’d head out. Sometimes it was another hunter, but most of the time it was a civilian who saw something. Mich had to check it out being park ranger and all.

So when Michaela got a call from someone while we she was smacking me around in the ring, it wasn’t unusual. We stopped and I sipped at water while she spoke. Mich looked at me and frowned, “I have a new graduate with me. You want my help still?”

I didn’t bother trying to over hear the conversation and blocked Michaela from my hearing as I stretched out the work out I’d just gone through. Moving out of Michaela’s range was taxing and she hit like a fucking truck.

Michaela came over and was standing over me waiting for me to look up. I didn’t as I said, “What’s up?”

Michaela sighed and then sat down on the bench across from me. “We got a call to help, but you knew that.”

I looked up at her. “I heard you tell someone you had a new graduate with you, but not my business to I tuned you out.”

“Even after you knew I was talking about you?” She asked confused.

I shrugged. “I’m used to people talking about me. I tune them out .”

“You really don’t care about what others think about you, do you?”

“Why should I? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. “ I said while standing up. “So where we going?” I asked.

“Well, since you didn’t overhear the conversation. Your mother is the one asking for help.”

“Okay. Did you tell her you were with me?” I asked.

“Yes. She knew.”

“And she still asked for you?”

Michaela’s smile grew. “I’m that good.”

I grinned at her and took her hand and she stood as I pulled her against me. “You are good.”

Micheala gave me that look that said so much more than words every could. “My room in ten. And it’ll have to be the last time until we get back to HQ. I’m sure you know, Leanne Sétanta, is big on the rules.”

“I wouldn’t know. But what rule?”

Mich laughed to cover her awkwardness about my mother, “No fraternization with your trainees.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m a grown up now.”

“You are her son Nox. Nothing will change how a parent feels about who their kid is fucking in front of them.”

“She gave up every right she had when she left me with Dorian, Michaela. Until my Ad Aetatem I hadn’t seen or heard from her in thirteen years.”

“You are still her son.”

I sighed, “Whatever.” I walked a short distance. “You still want me to come by?”

Michaela grabbed my hand. “Yeah, but don’t bring that pouty face, no matter how sexy you think it is.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll be bubbly and perky just like my normal self. I’ll see you in ten.”