Crack in the Wall

My mother went headlong through the crack in the wall that was the den of a were bear. I pulled my power around me, formed a fireball to hang ready in the air and weave of air ready to let loose or harden depending on the need. My mother looked back in the darkness and frowned, “Put that gun up and put away the magic, now is not the time to play.”

Fuck her. I wasn’t playing and she wasn’t going to eve know if I had done as she asked, I did however raise my gun. But the safety was still on. I didn’t use my gun unless I absolutely had to and the safety removal was as easy as a thought away, flicking air easy enough and faster than my thumb could actually do it in a tight spot.

Michaela waited at the entrance just in case the bear came back and wasn’t in the den. Being trapped inside was worse than sneaking up on it. My mother shouldn’t be taking point. Even Michaela had learned to trust me out in the field. My magic was a far better shield then any body. And much more so than my mother’s human one. But she wanted to go first, who was I to complain. Not the bigger man – that was for sure.

In the darkness, there was a rumble. The gun in front of me went off and there was a loud roar and then it wasn’t even a second later when my mother was screaming. Large teeth sank into her skin ripping her away from me. I heard bone crunchin and the tearing of flesh as the bear shook my mother. I threw the weave of air to knock it back. Fire now would be bad, my mother was still in it’s grasp and I didn’t want to shoot her either.

The collision of air and the bear made it let go of my mother in mid shake and she flew across the den to the entrance. I heard more bones crush on impact and she shrieked in pain. The bear was running full bore at me in the tight space and was on me in a second flat. The fireball coalesced just as it’s large claws raked across my chest leaving a burning sensation behind with the pain of laceration.

There was a giant roar as the bear fell away from me trying to put the fire out. It thrashed in the dirt of the den. But the fire wouldn’t be extinquished. It grew more as it burnt through the skin. The bear shreiked in pain and slowly it shifted back to a man and the howl he let lose was more than I could take. I flicked the safety on my gun and pointed it at the now reformed man and shot him in the head. The body collapsed to the ground and I let the fire go.

Michaela was tending to my mother. She looked up at me and nodded, “Burn the body. I got your mother. Nothing you can do to help here.”

I knew that. But I stared at her and the crumbled form of my mom. “We’ll get her to the Infirmary. But you have to finish the job. I’m going to go get the sled, we should have brought it all with us. Now I have to run back.”

I nodded and sat down on the fallen rock and set the fire again on the burnt corpse of a werebear. I blocked out the howls of pain from my mother. I could have used my magic to make a sled. I could have used my magic to carry my mother but she wouldn’t have let me. My magic touching her would have been the death of her even though I was only trying to save her life.

So instead I burnt the body. The fire was hot and I hadn’t heard my mother in a while. Michaela made it back just as I let the fire out and scattered the ash into the cave with a gust of wind.

Michaela checked my mother she was still breathing and had a pulse. “It’s erratic but it’s there. Come on let’s get her home.”

And that was what we did. Now that my mother was unconscious Michaela let me do my thing. I had my mother on the board, and was carrying her with the air instead of either of us tiring ourselves out with the added weight. We just had to push. Actually Micheala asked for a harness and she ran. I followed, but I lost her in her speed.

By the time I reached were the Jeep had been Michaela had left a note pinned to a tree trunk. “She’s getting worse. There is a cabin down the road, ask for a ride.”