How I Use My Magic

Okay I’ll be honest I googled today’s word. (Well AJ did)

Assay – not like essay. I know what that is.

  1. To examine or analyize
  2. Metallurgy. to analyze (an ore, alloy, etc.) in order to determine the quantity of gold, silver, or other metal in it.

This is exactly what I do with my magic.

When AJ describes my brand of magic – what being a magnus really is she always leans towards like Avatar (the cartoon with Aang and Kora) and The Wheel of Time. Since I am a derivative of the wheel of time it makes sense to liken it. While I say patterns and weaving and such like the Wheel of Time it’s really not similar to either one of them.

All Magnus can manipulate an element. But it’s not a matter of seeing a pattern, it’s more like they ‘conjure’ it out of thin air. They don’t see the underlying patterns. Instruction is difficult if you don’t understand it. For the Venatori the magic is a useful tool, but they don’t utilize it as more than a means to control their gift. They don’t fight with it, they do heal and create with it but even that has it’s own extend when a Magnus can only touch one element at a time. Working together is difficult without teaching someone the way to interweave their power.

And when you can’t see the underlying patterns it’s difficult. So most Magnus learn to control it, they are taught the concepts and are expected to learn it if they don’t understand it then they don’t advance beyond Adept and that’s that.

I see patterns. Everyday things like numbers and letters are just patterns. But I see the world with two sets of eyes. One like you’d expect and the other is more like I’m assaying the world around me (see what I did there?)

I can see the patterns of water. I thusly can create water from nothing but manipulating the elements around me to produce the same pattern. Which is essentially what others do, they just don’t know the fine elements underneath.

I can analyze most things and create it given enough time. I can replicate complex living things, but they aren’t living. They are just husks, there is no life. I can see the patterns of life, but I can’t manipulate it. However I can encourage it to do things. Life is about free will. Supplying all the resources for healing will make a wound heal quicker because life has the resources to work from – nearly unlimited.

I can grow a whole new plant from a living spring cut from a sappling by doing the same thing. Things with nervous systems and brains it’s not possible. But it is this phenomenon that allows me to survive ‘through’ death because I didn’t really completely die. I was ‘mostly dead’ to quote a movie and my ability seemingly resurrected me.

It is much the same with vampires and chevalier, except it is vampiric magic that brings them back to life.