Alex’s Place



10 minutes

I grabbed the groceries and headed out the door before Alex. I waited for him by the elevator but didn’t say anything. He joined me after I assumed he locked up. “Nox you okay?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“We really didn’t do anything.”

I growled, “I know. I believe you. I don’t like that your friend knows me from my past. And the fucked up part I don’t remember her. The circle is small, the people who’d know that part I’d know.”

Alex sighed. “I’m not happy she knows you either. I don’t like knowing you had a dom.” He smirked. “From what I saw she was where she shouldn’t have been. Got a few lashes from it. She thought it was worth it.”

“You aren’t into that though?” I asked. I was hoping that he said no, I fucking prayed he said he wasn’t into it.

He stopped me and pulled me into the alley. “Nox. I told you the truth. I don’t want a sub. It’s not my thing, it’s just a job. She’s paying me to find her soul mates who were right fucking in front of her.”

I laughed. “Course. I’m not surprised, if she can’t see through you.”

He pushed me and I grabbed his hands and pulled him against me. “It’s pretty obvious you aren’t some flamboyant gay guy.”

“I’m a good actor.”

I chuckled. “We’ll see.” I pulled him out of the alley. “Show me your place. Your real place.”

He nodded and grinned. “Bossy, bossy. But I’m starving and you weren’t done shopping. I literally have nothing.”

I sighed. “Fine.” We headed towards a grocery store. It wasn’t one I knew so we wandered a little. I picked up some angel hair pasta, some fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. I grabbed some panko and salt and pepper and a few other things for seasoning. “What do you want to drink?”


“You want a fancy dinner?”

“I said dazzle me.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes. “All right.” I grabbed a bottle of white wine. “You ready?”

Alex nodded. “I’m all yours chef. I’m starving. This won’t take long will it?”

I shrugged. “Never made it before.”

“I’m not some guinea pig!” Alex exclaimed.

“You are tonight.” I said as he paid. “But I promise it’ll be good.”

“It better be!” Alex said.

We weren’t far from Alex’s place. Hell we weren’t far from the AU building. We climbed 4 flights of stairs and Alex opened his door. The first thing I noticed with the smell. It smelled like him, and nothing but him. I took a deep breath and Alex chuckled. “Do you do that at every new place?”

I shook my head. “No.” i didn’t know how to explain it.

Alex smirked and swept out a hand. “Make yourself at home.”

I kicked off my shoes by the door and followed Alex through his house. This is what I expected of his house. The furniture was comfortable, it smelled like him. It felt like him everywhere. There was dust in places which meant he wasn’t here long.

Alex lead me through the kitchen and I put things on the counter. Alex looked at me, “You want the tour?”

I looked at him and shook my head, “No, I think I’ll feed the starving man who keeps eyeing me.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Alex said as he sat down at his bar and started unpacking the bags. “I don’t think I’ve ever cooked here either.”

“A virgin eh?” I grinned.

“You could only wish.”

I shook my head, “Virgin’s are so boring. I like ’em with a little experience, maybe a lot, show me a thing or two.”

“That’s fancy coming from you!”

I groaned, “Are you calling me a slut?”

Alex sighed, “No pretty boy. I very much want to show you a thing or two.”

“So you get fed, what do I get out of this deal?” I asked as I started beating eggs in a bowl with some salt and pepper.

Alex grinned, “Since when do I have to sing for my supper?”

“Can you?”

“Can I what?”

“Sing for you supper.”

Alex chortled. “Fuck, I’ll show you pretty boy.” Alex got up from his bar stool and headed down the hall. He came back with a guitar and sat down to make sure it was all in key.

“Okay, now I’m impressed.”

“Yeah uh, huh.” Alex said. What could I say I was a sucker for music. And I was going to keep my mouth shut while he did his thing. I’d hate to have him stop on my account. He looked up while I was dicing all the vegetables so I could use them in various place.

Alex started playing a song and started singing as I made food for him in his kitchen. His voice was soft and I was grateful for my hearing so I could hear it over the guitar. “When the night has come / And the land is dark / And the moon is the only light we see / No I won’t be afraid
No I won’t be afraid / Just as long as you stand, stand by me / And darling, darling stand by me.”

Had I been humming the song? It felt so familiar. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was always there on the tip of my tongue, but Alex quickly switched to another song halfway through the chorus. I don’t know why, and I didn’t ask. He looked lost in a memory too. The next song wasn’t the version I had been expecting once he started singing Baby one more time. It wasn’t Britney’s version, it was much slower and not nearly as dance worthy.

“You want something you can dance to?” Alex asked as he switched songs again. I recognized the song immediately and rolled my eyes and while I rolled the chicken cutlets with the tomato basil mixture and mozzarella cheese inside.

“You really want me flinging my hands around while I coat this chicken. There is only one way to dance to that song.” I did the classic saturday night fever movie you see John Travolta doing in the beginning of the movie, fuck if it was the only way you could dance to Stayin Alive.

Alex chuckled as he played more while I finished rolling the chicken in the eggs and panko bread crumbs and sticking them on a pan to bake.

With that going now in the preheated oven I started boiling water for the angel hair pasta and threw all the minced garlic, pine nuts and fresh basil into a blender for a homemade pesto sauce.

Alex started playing something to just play when his stomach rumbled again. He looked at me and started singing, “C is for cookie, it’s good enough for me.” He went through a few rounds of that while I snickered at him then he growled, “Alex hungry.”
I grinned at him. “I’m cooking as fast as I can.”

I was working on the sauce at the stove and watching the water for boiling so I could add the pasta when Alex started playing a familiar tune. He didn’t sing this time, but the tune was recognizable. Was one of my favorite to dance to when I was a kid – mostly because the kids in the Academy couldn’t do all the moves at the right time for Thriller. Michael Jackson had been inspirational while I was growing up. The dance moves were provocative and so very 80s but I loved it.

I tried hard not to dance, but the music swept me away and I started dancing to the music without really noticing I had started. And once I had started I was moving and I could feel Alex’s eyes on me. I had mastered dancing and cooking at the same time, it was one of my favorite things to do. I took care not to make a mess as this wasn’t my apartment but for the remainder of the cooking time I danced for Alex as he kept playing various Michael Jackson songs. Billie Jean was also one of my favorites.

The look in Alex’s eyes were hungry and at times sad. I stopped dancing long enough to pull the finished chicken rolls from the oven and drain the pasta.

I poured some wine, plated the food. It wasn’t fit to be served in Marco’s restaurant, but it was fancier than I usually did. I pushed the plate in front of Alex and one in front of the empty seat next to him and he finished his song which I gave him a flourishing finish.

He grinned at me as i stood up from the bow I’d given him and he laughed, “But can you do this.” He started in on a heavy rendition of some song that sounded great on the accoustic but was meant for the electric. He headbanged his way through the song and I couldn’t help the smirk that spread across my lips as he straightened laughing and then a groan as his hand slipped around his neck.

I rolled my eyes. “Obviously that was done so I’d touch you.”

Alex smirked, “I would never.” But I was already there pressing my fingers and thumbs into the tender flesh and he was groaning for other reasons that went straight to my cock. Alex grabbed my hands and pulled them around him and kissed me quickly. “If you keep that up your food is going to get cold and I’m starving.” His stomach rumbled as if I needed encouragement to let him eat.

I gave him a heavy sigh and sat down next to him and took a sip of the wine before cutting up the chicken rolls on my plate. After my first mouthful I asked, “Where did you learn to play?”

Alex grinned at me, “My mom taught me. It was a staple of my growing up.”

“Where did you learn to dance like that?” He asked.

“Dorian paid for my instructor. She was from Spain and Dorian liked speaking Spanish with her, if I’d thought he liked women I’d have said he was flirting, but Dorian was really just interested in the language. Though I think he did learn some to speak Italian to impress Marco.”

“What else did Dorian pay for?” Alex asked.

“Just cooking and dancing. He did it so I’d stay out of his hair. If I was too busy doing other things I wasn’t making trouble in the AU building.”

“I knew you were a trouble maker.”

I hung my head and bit my bottom lip before I looked at him. I was about to say I wasn’t, but he was shaking his head, “Fuck, pretty boy, don’t do that.”

I straightened my head and looked at him innocently, “Don’t do what?”

“You know exactly what?”

I shook my head. “I have no idea what you mean.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “Eat. Then I’ll give you a tour of the place and then you can give me a proper back rub. All that headbanging hurt my neck.”

I laughed. “Uh, huh.” But I did eat. And we made small talk along with a lot of flirting.

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