Groceries Round Three

I got up and took the two cups of unfinished coffee to the sink. Alex’s eyes never leaving me as I set then inside dumping the contents down the drain. He spoke softly, “Don’t forget to feed the cat. You won’t be home for a while and I think she’ll get mad if you don’t feed her.”

I smirked, “Are you chatting with Fee?”

“Maybe.” he grinned back.

I got some leftover chicken and cut up pieces and set it on the bar in her spot with a saucer of milk and I hoped she’d get home before it spoiled. I looked at him, “Anything else I need to do?” It was meant as a joke.

And he thankfully took it as such as he shook his head and the shoved the fallen strands out of his face. “Let’s go. Tell me where to take this so we can get it done and over with.”

“Just need to drop it off with Dae’lin.” I said.

“So back down stairs.” He nodded and headed for the stairwell. “I think I remember the way.”

I grinned and took his free hand and he yanked his fingers out of my grip and slide it around my waist. “Pretty boy, I’ll catch you when you fall. I meant it.”

I pressed a kiss to his cheek then broke apart as we headed down the stairs. It wasn’t quite so easy to descend stairs attached at the hip. Though it might have been a challenge to try.

Alex pretty much led the way the whole time. I wasn’t surprised when he knocked on Dae’lin’s door frame and stepped inside without being beckoned inside. It wasn’t that he was being rude, just overly familiar like I had been. He dropped the packet into her inbox. “Nox said he had to drop this off here.” I stood in the doorway watching him.

Dae’lin looked up with a frown, then she glanced at the packet. “You got him to sign?”

Alex gave her a shrug “It didn’t really take much.” He said. “Was nice meeting you.” He finished as he took my hand and tugged me out the door. Dae’lin’s look was one of shocked happiness from what I could tell as I followed with a shrug to answer her unasked question.

I followed him to the elevator and he smirked at me, “I’m not taking the stairs all the way down.”.

He pulled me to the back of the elevators and I pressed my body against his. Alex snaked his arms around my waist and I bit my bottom lip. “I’m okay. Specially if you hold me like this.” I leaned against him and nuzzled his neck. He smelled wonderful, safe and like home. I could stay there forever. Alex could at me.

So much for being upset at him. He played me like a dude and I didn’t care that he was, I rather enjoyed it.

The ground floor came much too fast and we were disembarking with the rest of the passengers. The lobby was filled with people and we walked out the front doors and headed down the street better I asked, “Where we going?”

“Grocery shopping. I found you have food to feed me there days in a row. And my place has no food. But we have to make a stop after we get the groceries. I told you I’d give you a taste of me.”

I licked my lips at the innuendo. “I think I’d like that.”

Alex pulled me along the street and I held his hand loosely. I didn’t want him to run away. He smiled. “So what do you want to make?” Alex asked to distract me from my thoughts.

“I don’t know what you like?” I grinned, “Short of pancakes and a well cooked steak.”

“Surprise me?” He said.

“You really want me to surprise you?”

“You were taught by a three star Michelin chef. Dazzle me.” Alex smirked.

“Alright, then we are going the wrong way if I’m going to dazzle you.”

Alex let go of my hand shrugged with his arms and shoulders. “Lead the way, chef.”

We turned around, Alex sorta swinging me past him. It was childish but it made me smile. He was distracting me. We stopped at the butcher and picked up some chicken cutlets. The farmer’s market was mostly dry by now but I managed to find the decent tomatoes, onions and garlic. The rest would have to get at a grocery story. “Is there a store close by where you live, so we don’t have to carry it all to our next stop?”

Alex nodded. “Yeah. That’s where i was heading.”

“We can go to your stop then pick up the rest of the groceries.”

“Alright.” He said and headed down the way we’d come.

It wasn’t a long walk until we were going inside the Lincoln center and up in the elevator. I wanted to ask why we were here but Alex would tell me when we reached our destination. I noted we got off on the 14th floor and Alex pulled his keys out and unlocked apartment S. Before he turned the knob, “This is not home. This is a place I use to pretend I have money.”

“Pretend?” I asked as he stepped inside and I saw the lavisous space inside. I was suitably awed.

“I mean I do have money but I don’t like to live like this. This place is just too much.”

I laughed, “No offense, Alex, looks like the easter bunny vomited all over the place.”

Alex smirked, “Brent is fashionably gay.”

I gave him a look as I set the items down by the door. “You are playing a gay guy? I mean it’s not exactly a stretch but fashionably gay? You mean stereotypical, pastels, clothing, shopping, the works?”

Alex nodded. “Yeah. This is his place. A lot of money went into making it look like easter buy vomit.” He chuckled.

“Sorry.” I laughed. “Why would you waste money on it?”

“It’s mostly in rent. I had to make a few alterations and the clothing. I really want to burn that shit, but still working the case so…”

I nodded. I didn’t want to pry. Alex wasn’t me. He wasn’t going to spew all the gorey details and it was his business and really had little to do with me.

“You can ask you know.” Alex said as he showed me the elegant kitchen. I whistled.

“You’ve never cooked here have you?”

Alex shook his head, “No, and if I’m lucky neither will you.”

I pouted. Alex laughed and pushed me up against the stone countertop in the middle of the room. “I don’t want to ruin it for the next person.” He grinned at me, “I’m only here temporarily.”

I nodded. “So you’ve never christened the house?” I cocked my head in a challenge.

Alex smirked at me and backed away. He lead me through the rest the apartment stopping at his room last. It was the only room that smelled like him, a little more fruity than usual. And I didn’t mean gay, more citrus and less Alex. Like he was even trying to make it smell like him here. “You ready to go. I’m really hungry.”

I nodded. “What no hanky panky in your room. You show it last and nothing?” I joked as I walked out of the room first.

Alex was chuckling behind me, and I swayed my hips a little which only made him laugh harder. “Fuck Nox, you keep it up and I’m going to be eating you for dinner.”

I turned around and smirked, “Is that a challenge?”

Alex growled and was pressing me against the wall when there was a knock and the door squeaked silently before they called, “Brent?” It was a woman. Alex growled.

“Fuck!” He whispered, “Stay here.”

Alex backed away from me and straightened his hair, he put on a fake smile and his walk changed. “Janice, darling, what are you doing here?”

“We’ve been calling since last night where have you been?” I heard smacking of lips and groaned at the thought of the stupid fancy people and their stupid awkward greetings. I stayed pressed against the wall and listened from the hall.

The woman’s high heels clicked on the wood floors as she waltzed into the kitchen. If she turned around she’d see him standing there. Fuck!

Alex sighed and wagged a finger in my direction beckoning me to come. I sighed and silently stood next to him while the woman poured herself a glass of wine. She turned and gasped. “I didn’t know you had company.” She looked at me as if she were appraising my worth. Here I was dressed in blue jeans, a sarcastic t-shirt and a hoodie zipped half way up. My pants at least didn’t have holes in them. But then Alex was dressed similarly, I’d never seen him in anything but that. The woman shook her head, “Slumming it Brent?”

I groaned and left Alex’s side. “I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Alex grabbed my hand, “No, Janice was leaving.”

“I just got here.” She complained.

Alex took her by the arm and dragged her to the door. “Janny, you were leaving.” He lowered his voice though it wasn’t meant to be a secret, “I can’t get him in bed with you hanging around.”

Janice chuckled. “You can just tell him what to do, he’ll do whatever you say.” She looked back at me, “I’ve seen some of the things..”

“I don’t care what you’ve seen or what you think you know about him, he’s mine until I say otherwise, got it?’ It felt like Alex should be pointing a finger at her but he had one hand jammed in his hair and the other was clutching at his pocket. Probably trying not to jam it through his hair too.

Janice sighed loudly “Fine, but when you’re done we…”

Alex cut her off. “You’re pushing your luck Janny. Time to go.”

She sighed again. “Well… it was nice seeing you with your clothes on Nox.” She walked past me curling her finger around my hoodie string, “Though maybe you could take some style tips from Brent. Bye now darling, call me!” She sashayed out the door in her high heels and her fucking high horse attitude and when the door closed behind her I froze.

“You okay?” Alex asked.

I sighed. “Yeah. I think so.”

“You were with her weren’t you?”

Alex looked at me. “When?”

“Before laser tag.”

He nodded, “Yeah, why?”

I shook my head, “I just smelled her on you before, is all.” Before Alex could defend himself, “It’s okay. I’m okay. I just wanted to know if it was her.”

“It was her, her current co-dom and their sub I was with. Lindsay was new and I was making sure they took care of her. Things got carried away. I didn’t have sex with then, they just…”

I shook my head. “I don’t want to know, Alex. What Brent does, I don’t want to know.” I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and then opened them. “Can we go now?” I asked, no I begged.

Alex nodded. “Yeah.”

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.